Trash and Treasure

24 Oct

Today we cleaned out under the stairwell and put out all the junk that had accumulated under there out on the footpath ready for tomorrows council collection day. Including:

1 x red couch
1 x black couch
odd plastic pots
1 x pedestal fan

There were other things down there that did not originate with my brother or I. They included:

1 x bonnet of a car
1 x white dresser
1 x kitchen cupboard
2 x hypodermic needles
at least part of a C41 processor
alot of spiders

There are a lot of people doing the exagerated slow drive by our street at the moment, some people out of the car picking through some of the cast-offs. I’m not sure its going to last long!


One Response to “Trash and Treasure”

  1. Devin October 24, 2010 at 11:45 pm #

    I really like this post.I think it would be great to get a shot of the people who take the needles!haha.Keep the posts coming!

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