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Famous Five adventures

25 Nov

My love of books started at a very young age. My mum was my biggest influence and supplier. She started me off on Famous Five books. Since then I’ve had a very big love of Enid Blyton. All those lovable characters. I used to read and re-read those books often. I can still picture them – hard cover and old and falling to bits. I wonder where they ended up? I can still remember the adventures that the kids had in those books, tramping over the moors and meeting interesting circus folk, discovering mysteries and drinking the best of food which always included pink lemonade in excess!

George was always my favourite character and I often dreamt of owning my own island to escape to. Between that and my obsession with Swiss Family Robinson, fantasies involved islands and tree houses and interesting pets.

Tuesday night I watched “Enid” a loosely based movie about my favourite childhood author. Its interesting that I have never looked into the life of the lady who wrote all those fabulous books. She had an upsetting young life which led to delusions in later life. Her father left the family when she was just a child and when Enid was still quite young she in turn left her mother and two brothers. She neglected her children and her husband living most of her life in her wonderful imagination, and being immersed in her fan-mail.

In later years she was accused of not writing all the books herself and eventually fell into dementia before her death at the age of 71. Can you believe she set herself a goal of writing 6,000 words per day! What a machine! I’m not sure how I feel about the film as I really don’t know much about her real life (research to do!) but it was interesting and revealing.

My other favourite author at a younger age was Roald Dahl. The first book of his that I ever bought was “The BFG”. I loved his bizarre language, all the talk of the snozzcumbers and the delicious sounding frobscottle. There really needs to be an entire post dedicated to Mr Dahl he is so marvellous. More on him later!

Who were your favourite childhood authors?

Re-Discovery of Beauty

25 Nov

I recently came across a Posies album that a friend (thankyou M) burnt me a copy of quite a few years ago. Its wonderful. I share with you this track. It’s amaz-ing!

Catcher in the Rye, vintage rings and kitsch teapots…

19 Nov

Last Sunday was the second week of the month which signals our bookclub date! It all began almost 12 months ago at Riverbend books in Bulimba. Even the creator K didn’t realise it would turn out as well as it has. 12 months. I’m thrilled with the outcome.

There is a real mix of characters, everyone loves the written word and mostly we stick to the guidelines and talk about books.

There has been a long list of book read and debated which all began with The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Shaffer and Barrows. An excellent first read for the fledgling club which started with just five members. We’ve had a few additions locally as well as a national and international contingent.

The book that was selected for last month that we were discussing was The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger. I love this book. I personally love the language. I have read it a few times and have owned it for years. I often pick the book up and find my favourite quotes. So it was interesting to read it in full for the first time in a while.

This weeks club was arrange by K and was hosted at Woolloongabba Antique Centre. The cafe is decorated in 70s kitsch. I love it. Had a bit of a walk around afterwards and picked out some winning pieces. Some of the jewellery in there is amazing – especially the marcasite.

There is a small cabinet with war memorabilia. There is wonderful cinema chairs. Shoes. Jewellery. Clothing. Cameras. Burger phones. Furniture. Everything. Not to be cliche or anything but its a step into the past.

Other wonderful news for this week – my good friend B is ready to graduate tomorrow morning and this week it was her celebration week, last exam ever, art show, dinner etc… its been great. She won a prize for her outstanding art piece last night which was unexpected and lovely. Congrats B.

Also a word to the wise – don’t engage in a fight with sugar. It may appear to be harmless but there is nothing worse than waking up with granules in your underwear.


New album to feast my ears on

17 Nov

Thanks to M, Glimjack by Glenn Richards and band (formerly of Augie March fame) is now in my possession, signed by Glenn Richards himself. All I have heard is a few of the songs performed by Glenn and the band back in September at the album launch for the snobby band types, and the first single, Torpor and Spleen played heavily on the radio. I’m ready to listen to all of it in full now. Report back for the full review soon!

Another fabulous cover

13 Nov

Sarah Blasko covering Outkast’s Hey Ya. Beautiful!

Eeeeeeek excitement!

11 Nov

Two notes:

First of all I am listening to David and Margaret of “At the Movies” fame on the radio at the moment. I *love* Margaret’s girlish laughter. So cute!

Secondly, I just booked a holiday to WA, back home if you may for two weeks. So excited!!

My favourite cover at the moment

10 Nov

Basement Birds perform “My People” by the Presets live in the JJJ studio. *Love*

Isn’t Josh Pyke dreamy? Mmmmm…