This coffee has Kahunas!

1 Nov

Isn’t that just exactly what you wish for in a morning beverage? 

 Just back from a long weekend down the coast to a lovely little town called Yamba in NSW. Joined up with a few friends from Brisbane and yesterday one from Grafton. Stayed at a unit right on the beach. There was plenty of swimming involved at the pool, spa, freshwater springs and the ocean. The weather was mild, although cloudy particularly today.

It was a weekend of firsts for me.

First sweet Saki experience. 

First Japanese pancake with pork and cabbage, and a special spicy sauce.

And although not pictured, my first whale viewing. That was extremely thrilling for me. There was at least three Humpback whales frolicking around, including a baby. So sweet!

We were told about an awesome cafe there by some friends called Beachwood. It was a little hole in the wall place with cute tables and chairs right by a herb garden and run by a Turkish lady.They made an awesome coffee and that inspired the title of this blog – overheard from a fellow cafe-goer.

I had the Turkish eggs which were fabulous in a lovely tomato, capsicum sauce with turkish sausage. Yummo! I felt like licking the plate.

This morning after another morning swim at the beach and cleaning up the unit we left and went onto Byron Bay for lunch at the Balcony. Then back home mid-afternoon.

Overheard conversation today courtesy of a homeless guy talking to a shop-owner:
“You’re ugly!! You look like like you crawled out from under a rock. I’m perfect!”


2 Responses to “This coffee has Kahunas!”

  1. MissCrusoe November 1, 2010 at 10:37 pm #

    Yamba…ah memories…last time I was in Yamba was in year 9 or maybe 10 for a…girls rugby union game…we were thrashed! and an unsanctioned photo of me tackling a local girl about 3 times my size was inserted in the local newspaper…good times…

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