Deeper Water

12 Jan

Day II of the craziness in Brisbane.

The waters have risen alot. This morning at 1.30am three of our friends had to evacuate their home so they came to roll out their sleeping bags and bunk at our place. As two of our friends went to track down food at Macdonalds a few of us went to check on the streets of West End. We got a few hours sleep this morning and were up again at 7am. Today we made numerous trips around the area again to watch the waters rise. Our friends decided to enter their property again and retrieve some more belongings including their kayaks. Later the cops borrowed a residents kayak to search in properties and see if anyone was staying in when they probably
should be gone. We saw people emptying inflatable pools and dragging them to their water-ridden homes to collect their precious things. Sand-bags lined businesses along Boundary Road. One of the only businesses still open was the Boundary Road Hotel – selling their last supplies of alcohol. I guess people figure its the only thing left to do!

We still have power. We’re pretty lucky. With all the wandering around today I am so sunburnt!

Apparently the peak water levels will happen at 4am tomorrow morning. Eeeeeeeee!


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