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Saturday night: Darren Hanlon

28 Feb

Saturday’s concert was most excellent. Good things – front row positioning, directly right in front of Darren. He played “Unmade Bed” which was awesome as I was dying to hear it. He played loads of old hits like Elbows but unfortunately no Couch Surfing. From the new album we heard All These Things and lovable Folk Insomnia. Luckily this time there was no beer showers. Yay. He also played “Happiness is a Chemical” – have a listen to the official recording. This song is so HAPPY!

And the Oscar goes to…

27 Feb

Happy Academy Awards day to you. Now to avoid all contact with news of the event. I want to watch it tonight without knowing anything!

Tonight: Darren Hanlon

26 Feb

I’m going to along to see Darren Hanlon at the Zoo in Brisbane tonight. He’s a great little seasoned performer, alas whom I have only seen perform once before. It was back when I was living in WA. He played in a town nearby, in a small old pub. He stood barely a foot higher than the small crowd that had gathered on a Thursday night. Darren is all about the stories he tells and forcing as many words into his songs as possible. Delights of the night came in the form of us being introduced to the op-shop shorts he had picked up in Esperance a couple of days earlier, and having a cuddle post-gig.

He also drew me a sweet picture of himself with his banjo.

The only downside of that night was having half a glass of ale tipped over me. I drove home that night with sticky hair.

I really hope he plays this for us tonight:

I love you Al

25 Feb

Just one of the many reasons why I love Weird Al!

I need a new look. I’m stagnating.

24 Feb

If you are a fan of Seinfeld you may well be acquainted with the Episode ‘The Scofflaw’ from Season 6. It deals with Kramer’s crisis of look. He comes across a cop who is wearing an eye patch and adopts the look too.

Jerry: You look like a pirate!
Kramer: I wanna be a pirate.

Do you wish you could mix up your look sometimes too? I like to observe other people and gather ideas. Ideas that often do not make their way to my wardrobe. Its not easy to start a whole new look. I mean I love this dress:

And I’d love to try this one day. I love ties:

But maybe I’m aiming too large. Maybe I need to start off small. One piece of clothing at a time. One new accessory.

And so for my new look – I would like a cane:

It brings back memories of Charlie Chaplain in his endless movies.

So where would you like to take your look?

Flippin’ Cool

21 Feb


17 Feb

Look what I found on my bed this afternoon:

Let’s take a closer look:

What’s inside?

Pyschedelic scarfe!

Non-letter and pink tissue paper

And inside…

Time for their close up

Ah my pretty ones! Truly unexpected surprises are they best aren’t they? I *adore* buttons. Thank you M!!