I need a new look. I’m stagnating.

24 Feb

If you are a fan of Seinfeld you may well be acquainted with the Episode ‘The Scofflaw’ from Season 6. It deals with Kramer’s crisis of look. He comes across a cop who is wearing an eye patch and adopts the look too.

Jerry: You look like a pirate!
Kramer: I wanna be a pirate.

Do you wish you could mix up your look sometimes too? I like to observe other people and gather ideas. Ideas that often do not make their way to my wardrobe. Its not easy to start a whole new look. I mean I love this dress:

And I’d love to try this one day. I love ties:

But maybe I’m aiming too large. Maybe I need to start off small. One piece of clothing at a time. One new accessory.

And so for my new look – I would like a cane:

It brings back memories of Charlie Chaplain in his endless movies.

So where would you like to take your look?


One Response to “I need a new look. I’m stagnating.”

  1. Michelle February 25, 2011 at 6:41 pm #

    Great post. I love how you flavor your posts with pictures. American spelling, I know. I’m tired of seeing spellcheck symbols. When in Rome… its too confusing to go back and forth constantly.

    When I was in England I was laughing to myself about the “Low Talker” episode on Seinfeld. England is full of low talkers! I realized why my Mum is such a low talker – she’s so terrifically British!

    Now to all things style. I think we all have our own style. Its not a style we look at online or think “the way that kid is dressing, I want to dress like that”. We gravitate towards pieces and items we like. Some people have style, some don’t. Money cannot buy style. You my friend have style. You have a “look”. There are things I’ll see and think “Thats so Rowena”. Your look borders on menswear, funky, quirky and unique, slightly hipster, slightly arty. I love it. Its you all over.

    Your question: where would you like to take your look?: I admire different looks, but I’m happy with where I’m at style wise. I know what I like, what suits me. It took a while to get there. I tried many looks until I found my own, which I think is me. I know its me because people will show me magazine clippings of outfits they think are very “me”. Friends make comments on things that are very “me”. I think my look mixes glamor, minimalism, hipster street and sometimes a touch of grunge. Depending on where I’m going. Meeting – its glamor. I love 1940’s looks. Patterned tights with fur jackets and vintage dresses. Work – I love motorcycle boots with my green army jacket and skinny jeans. Out and about, I love an APC french minimalism look – denim skirt, boots, plain sweater and a scarf. It depends on the mood, and sometime I love to combine a few of those elements. And I’m sure there’s a bunch of times I don’t get it quite right 🙂

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