Take Your Stinking Paws Off Me You Damn Dirty Ape!

10 Mar

I find going to the cinema to see movies a wonderful experience. And it’s always great to be surprised and delighted by film. Do you have movie-going rituals? Things you have to have with you? Appropriate clothing and footwear perhaps? Do you like the in-house snacks or do you prefer to bring something from home? Sneak in a beer? Or a bottle of wine?

No matter the climate outdoors its always a tad on the chilly side in the local cinema so I almost always pack a scarf. Lip balm a must. I like popcorn but never order it at the movies. I like to bring along not just snacks to a movie, but food. Favourite choices are either sushi rolls or Vietnamese rice paper wraps. The soy sauce or the dipping sauce can sometimes be a little tricky to negotiate so best leave them at home.  There has to be some sort of beverage. One of my greatest fears in a movie (especially when hemmed in from all sides by seated punters) is a coughing fit. So I always pack a bottle of water. Remember to turn my phone to silent. These days people aren’t really bugging me with answering calls in the cinema or allowing their phones to ring, but they do still believe it’s totally fine to text message, google and facebook during a film. It’s on my list of most hated movie-related things. So what are your quirks? What movies have you seen recently (movie at home, cinema etc.) that you have loved or hated? Ones that made you feel gooey and loved, or angered you?

Last weekend I went to the local modern art gallery. It is hosting sessions of classic cinema in conjunction with their Art in the 21st century exhibition.

We saw the original Planet of the Apes!

Have you seen this movie? It’s fabulous sci-fi. Wonderfully epic with a great opening dialogue by a very manly Charlton Heston! I’d never seen it before, and no one had spoiled the ending scene for me. It’s hilarious and thoroughly entertaining!

Following that epic-ness this Saturday we are going back to GOMA to see The Matrix. I have an interesting story to tell about the first time I saw that movie, but I’ll tell you that next time.


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