Stop trying to hit me, and hit me!

14 Mar

Here is the promised story about the first time I saw The Matrix.

Back in 2002 I was travelling with my parents in Ecuador. We flew into Quito, the capital, and spent a couple of nights there, and met up with our guides for the next month – friends S and C. They were movie obsessive so we spent part of our time in the city catching up on some new releases – The Count of Monte Cristo and Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones in huge cinemas. I remember falling in love with the story line of The Count of Monte Cristo and laughing over all the ‘teenage angst’ in Star Wars.

A couple of days later we travelled from Quito to Riobamba in the south, about a five hour trip by bus. As pretty much everything in Ecuador it was a pretty fantastic experience. Sellers of various foodstuffs would get on from time to time and try and sell you icy poles or nuts. II sat next to C who took me through the opening sequence of The Matrix. The thing that struck me at the time was how passionate he was about this film. I also realised how obsessed with it he was and how many times he had watched that movie – he knew the whole movie scene by scene.

I just had to see it purely based on his enthusiasm. And I did. On a small computer screen, the only way to watch movies with their primitive provisions. And what an impression it did make. I seem to recall coming to the close of the movie and seeing C and S gazing at me eager for my thoughts.

So Saturday night I went to see the Matrix as I should have seen it way back in 1999, on the big screen. For me its still wonderfully thrilling, and it was special to see it on the big screen. It still generates moments of humour (remember that huge Nokia phone that Neo opens right at the start in his office?) and gasps of awe (the fight scene between Morpheus and Neo to name one).

Are you a fan?

One Response to “Stop trying to hit me, and hit me!”

  1. Michelle March 15, 2011 at 9:00 pm #

    I enjoyed the Matrix… somewhat. It was good, but not great for me. Its just not my kind of movie. It was good though.

    Really looking forward to seeing the new Jane Eyre at the cinema. Its been released in LA but still waiting for the San Diego release!

    I hate it when people whisper too much in a movie, or crunch popcorn too loud. I like to bring my own snacks. Everything here is supersized. Massive bags of M&M’s at the cinema! M&M’s are usually my snack of choice. Or I like to take in my own snack. Last time I took in frozen yogurt with lots of chocolate toppings! Or I buy chocolate bars (Australian ones! Since I hate hershey!) and take them in with me. I don’t like cinema popcorn.

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