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Where the love affair began

26 Apr

Back in 1999 watching Notting Hill for the first time I first came across the wonderful voice of Elvis Costello. Since that point it has been a long lasting love affair. I know it sounds pretentious and naff. But its the truth. He’s been my number one ever since then. The first song I heard of his was “She” which isn’t even his own song, but was beautifully sung by him for the closing credits of the movie.

The first album I bought was  Extreme Honey – The Very Best of the Warner Years. And the fascination grew. I collected more and more of his albums, old ones as well as the brand new eclectic fare that he seems to be dabbling in these days. The early punk rock and his anger really got me. But it was always that amazing voice that held me.

Back in 2005 I finally got to see him live in concert in Brisbane, making a special trip to come see him from Western Australia. He played the Concert Hall at Qpac promoting The Deliveryman album. I went along with my brother, S, and a friend, B. I was reveling in every moment of it, although I suspect B would have preferred less ballads. However we did get to hear “I Want You” in all its tragic glory. Beautiful!

I have seen Elvis twice since that year – one time in San Francisco. That was pretty splendid. I knew about the concert before I got to the US but hadn’t planned or banked on going. But one of the girls I was with was pretty keen too so we went down and got our tickets and entered into the venue with our hands stamped “Over 21” as Elvis was on stage. In a wonderful twist it just so happened that the concert covered the first 10 years of his career – so we got to hear all the early favourites. Bliss!

The latest time I saw him play was 2009 in Brisbane again at the Convention Centre. N and I were seated a fair distance from Elvis and his guitars but was no less fantastic!

I love that he is always growing in his musical repertoire. And that voice is magic.

Elvis Costello played last night and will play again tonight at Byron Bay for the East Coast Blues and Roots festival. It kills me that I don’t get to see him. Please come back to Brisbane soon Elvis!

Music for Monday

18 Apr

I love this tune so much – from the Life Aquatic soundtrack:

Fast Foward

15 Apr

Do you ever wonder what you will be like at the age of 60?

I once went along to see a band play at a Jazz Club by the water and I saw a lady there who could have been me in 35 years time! The memory is now a little hazy, but I remember a few details. She had short funky hair. She was wearing a dress with tights. Her nails were brightly polished. She had lots of funky chunky jewellery on.

But it was her shoes that stick in my memory. She had buttons stuck to her sandals. I was so enamoured  with them that I had to go over and compliment her on them and ask her if she fashioned the buttons to the shoes herself. She hadn’t but she looked pretty stoked that I had noticed them. I hope I am as cool as her when I’m 60!

Things I like

13 Apr

Campos coffee! It’s amazing. I usually buy a great cup of the stuff from my local, West End Coffee House, but on the weekend during a wonderful outing to the Valley for breakfast we got to another Campos cafe near James Street. I had the Campos fry-up (which was giant and fantastic!) with my wonderful flat white. I buy the ground coffee, make up the coffee in my stove-top expresso maker and bring along my thermos of coffee every morning for work. I can’t stand the stuff they sell next door at the cafe.  70s Wool Pocket A-line Skirt

Bright tights! It’s getting a little cooler in the evenings of late so nothing better to pull out my tight collection and rock out some nice colourful ones.

This cocktail! The expresso martini/vodka expresso, whatever you want to call it and whenever you want to drink it it’s perfect. I could imagine drinking this morning or night, summer or winter!

Jethro tart. Recipe by Jamie Oliver. It is buttery and nutty goodness especially served with creme fraiche. Even better it can be converted to gluten-free goodness extremely well.

Music for Monday

11 Apr

Mumford and Sons – The Cave

9 Apr

I heart Brisbane

8 Apr

It’s ticked over into Autumn in Brisbane, my favourite season of the year. And so begins the time when I stop wanting to strangle Brisbane and its overbearing humidity and start enjoying again the delights of the outdoors without turning into a sticky mess. I love Brisbane as it begins to cool again. The only thing I’d like to improve is the abundance of deciduous trees to start frolicking in fallen leaves.

When it does start to cool I get to do all those things like appreciate walking the parks and streets of the city. I appreciate my bed and doona once more. And hot showers.
Also the fact I get to start wearing my cons again and donning a jacket and scarf in the evening time. There is the resurgence of the red wine. And lovely soups to start boiling up.

Meanwhile I tracked down this film clip of something nice and Brisbane related. I love it’s cheesiness!!

I’m in love!

7 Apr

Since picking up this album on Sunday afternoon I haven’t been playing much else. It is fantastic. Very Americana in sound. And it harks back to their earlier albums like Picaresque in my hunger for it. As soon as I get to the last song, I just go back and start from the beginning again. It’s becoming compulsive. What have you been listening to lately?

Just another Wednesday

6 Apr

I’m putting you in my diary

6 Apr

Just had a fabulous conversation with a guy from the purchasing department of a hospital. Some phone conversations in my industry can be tedious, frustrating and annoying, (as anyone in customer service will attest) but the one today was brilliant:

He was calling about a piece of equipment which I managed to clear up for him in a matter of seconds which is always great. But even before he got to that point he told me out of the blue that he has tomorrow off work. I countered with, well I have Friday off. After clearing up his question he said that he would put my name into his diary and call me in future to solve all his problems. He ended by saying that he might chuck a sickie on Friday as I had inspired him. ‘Damn the public sector!” he told me.

It’s refreshing to hear from people like this. I love it!