Polar Opposites

17 Jun

I’ve been having a tremendous week. I’ve had the whole week off work. It’s been glorious. Very relaxing. I’ve been out for coffee, sat in the cafe reading my book. Gone to a photo exhibit at the Powerhouse. Visited bookfest and stocked up on some more literature that I probably didn’t really need. Sat on the balcony in the sunshine with the parrot. Watched movies in my pajamas at all sorts of different hours of the day. Taken baths with candle light and music on. Drank coke and red wine. Not together. Had friends over for dinner. It’s been bliss. The downside, it does tend to make me a lazier person. When I do decide to while away the time just lying in bed I think about all the things I could be accomplishing. I have decided I do not really like excessive sleep-ins. I went to the dentist and he told me that he is the type of person that even if he goes to bed at 4am he still wakes up at 8. Yes, me too, I thought to myself.

This week I’m trying to finish off Mansfield Park in time for bookclub on the weekend. I’m struggling I must admit it. Many of my fellow bookclubbers proclaimed Fanny Price their least favourite Austen character. I really want to like her. I do like her. But mostly I like the portrayl of Fanny in the Frances O’Connor film. M and I have watched that movie countless times. Remember the coach scene? Their hands lightly brushing, and the beautiful quote about “there are as many facets of love as there are moments in time”. I’ve restricted myself from watching the movie as I’m trying hard to involve myself with her true character from the book.  So far reading the book I have felt like screaming at Fanny a few times. Please just stand up for yourself!

Counter that with the mini-series I am watching at the moment – The Diary of Anne Frank. What a strong personality she had. I read the book years and years ago. My grandmother bought it for me. I loved it. Now watching the series brings back all those feelings of what their family is really experiencing, who they are hiding from. What a situation? And through it all she’s developing as a young lady, restricted in many ways from really experiencing life. So much to be grateful for, but of course we all know the dreadful outcome.

How has your week been?

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