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“People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home.” – Dagobert D. Runes

7 Jul

I thought it might be appropriate to speak about my returning traveler friends and family. My brother and friends got back to Australia last week to much excitement. They left about five weeks ago looking like this:

Aren’t they sweet?

They’re excitement is awesome and was highly contagious. They were just about to embark on a tour of Eastern Europe including Sarajevo, Croatia, Russia, and Estonia etc… Yeah they had a right to look smug.

As for their return appearances, lets just say they looked like they needed to catch up on a few Zzzzzz. They all piled back into our unit for catch-up stories, pressies (!), and food. My choc-chip pancakes were a hit! Especially with lashings of maple syrup and icecream!!

Sunday we had breakfast out. There was eight friends breakfasting, but four in two different cafes right next door to each other – Atomica and Espressohead in West End. I was amongst the group at Atomica. We have been flirting between the two cafes lately. Atomica was the ‘usual’ for a good while, til Espressohead was reopened recently.

Things I like and prefer about Atomica vs Espressohead. I have “favourites” from the menu as I’ve been going there longer than Espressohead: the hollandaise sauce is thick and delicious and such generous servings. The lamb sausages are super tasty. The mushrooms are cooked in buttery garlic goodness. There has been nothing funnier said about the food there then one of the waitstaff a few years ago when asked what the “bubble and squeak” consisted of. She replied it ‘looks like a turd, but tastes good.’

Espressohead vs Atomica: I think the coffee here is marginally better than Atomica. I have sampled the small breakfast too and it was very good. Generous servings. And very attentive wait staff.

This week I had the Bircher Muesli with fruit at Atomica. Amazing! I could hardly finish it.

Later a few of us went onto Cup in Russell Street. It was recently named as having one of the top 10 best coffees in Brisbane. Mmmm.. very good flat white. Although two of my friends had long blacks and said the brew didn’t suit the lack of milk. My friend S had a chai. She was impressed.

Have you had some good coffees lately?  How are you keeping warm? Or is it warm where you are?