Sunset Studies of Sunset Boulevard

22 Sep

I’ve been a close follower of all that Augie March do since receiving a recommendation from a friend of mine, G. He suggested buying Sunset Studies, late 2000. I was instantly a fan from the start of track one, I remember playing over the album again and again. I subscribed to the mailing list, and read every comment from all these seemingly crazed fans. Upon closer inspection they certainly were not crazed, just passionate and really loyal ones who had a deep love for this unique Aussie band.

For years all I had to go on was listening to their CD albums and the singles that I picked up along the way. Finally in August 2006 my trip to Brisbane coincided with a gig and I got along to see Glenn and the band play at the Tivoli. I think even if the night was mediocre I would have found it hard to not be grinning stupidly. I had a great time. They sounded great.

Move forward a few years now, Augie March are on an extended hiatus and Glenn is pursuing a solo phase. I’ve been waiting to see him again live. And now, two weeks ago now Glenn Richards, Dan Luscombe, and Mike Noga made an appearance at the Old Museum in the Valley. It’s a great venue, I’ve only ever been there for Finders Keepers craft markets.  I did balk initially as it was a seated gig. But B, M and I took our seats near the back and luckily the whole thing felt intimate and personal. Like Glenn and his friends were just playing for us. They started with Brundisium. Perhaps a little mis-step. Aprehension. Fearing it would feel stilted. But the rest of the set just got better and better. And Glenn was in a great mood. Glenn and Dan exchanging cheesy jokes. And paying out the people of Maroochydore.
I was beaming, especially with all the inclusions of the songs from the past Augie albums. Highlights for me included Turn On You, Here Comes The Night, Train and There Is No Such Place. The room cleared quickly after their one encore track and all of a sudden we found ourselves in a wrongly lit room. There should never be that much fluorescent light at the end of a gig.

Once outside we realised that Glenn and Dan were greeting fans while sipping their drinks. In a moment of bravery I walked back and stood nearby waiting to speak to Glenn.

Cut back over four years ago. I was in LA, on the streets of Sunset Boulevard. E and I were spending the day before flying to NYC just walking the streets fairly close to our accommodation.  I saw a guy walk past me with huge sideburns and a pink paisley collared shirt, with really wide lapels. I turned to E and said, “Hey that looks like Dave from Augie March!” Sniggers. As if! The next minute all I remember seeing is a large old maroon beat up van, door open revealing the rest of the members of Augie March. Heart palpitations. E coaxed me up and asked them, “Are you Augie March?” YES!!! We chatted, they had just played a gig the night before in LA to a subdued crowd. I got autographs and I think I skipped down the street. What a moment? Meeting Augie March on the famous street in the US!

The following week another friend of mine, S and I went along to see them play at the Mercury Lounge. And after their set we met up with the band, except for Glenn who made a speedy getaway.

So after the gig at the Old Museum the first thing I asked Glenn was, “Hi Glenn, do you remember two crazy Aussie girls you met on the side of the road in LA?” And he did!!! It was a thrilling moment. We chatted for a bit. Glenn told us that the same day they had been out searching for a restaurant, and when they failed to find it they stopped the car and went to ask a woman on the side of the road. They then realised she was an Aussie. And after talking to her for a few minutes they realised it was Delta Goodrem!

Fantastic evening. As you can imagine I travelled back to West End, speechless, tired but oh so satisfied.


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