Book Obsession

24 Sep

All of my life I have had a book obsession. I remember distinctly as a child having two big boxes of books of books that alternated. One packed away, the other out on my bookshelf. It was a distinctive try by my mum for my books to appear fresh and new every six months. It worked! One of them I distinctly remember was Penny Pollard’s Diary. Maybe I loved it because from a very young age I was given a diary and had been keeping track of the events of life.

I still love books, I love reading, I still keep a diary. I carry the book or one of the books I am reading most days in my overly heavy bag. I like the way books look and feel. I love seeing them on my bookshelf. They reassure me. I get how “convenient” e-books may be but I still want to feel the heaviness of the book and the smell of the paper in my hands. I’ve been taking the train to work most days this week and I’ve been reading voraciously.

What are you reading this week?

I’m continuing my Nick Earls infatuation from the Brisbane Writers Festival and I’ve just started Perfect Skin.


One Response to “Book Obsession”

  1. lars September 27, 2011 at 5:53 am #

    lol Book Obsession …………beer Obsession now thats what im talking about……l

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