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Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbits

31 Oct

Inspired by watching “The Game” last night I bring you this song. In the context of the film, this song is a beautiful builder and chilling.

And on its own, it is still great. I love it, its wonderful.

Fun tune for Wednesday

26 Oct

As Stephen Fry is in the country there is a media buzz about his QI Live shows and he was recently on the ABC’s DIG Music program revealing his top five favourite tunes. Spanish Flea is in number one position. It’s so much fun!

Read or listen to the rest of the list here.

My very first review!

25 Oct

Last Wednesday night I got along to the Hifi in Brisbane to see Okkervil River and review the gig, courtesy of Press Record with two free passes. Today I checked the Press Record website and lo and behold, my review!!

You can read it here!

Loving this tune

24 Oct

Paris dreams

23 Oct

Remember yesterdays post about wanting to recreate a Parisian evening adventure including a bridge, friends, French dress-ups, food and sparkling wine? Well we did it!

Despite a bleak day it turned into a really lovely evening. I didn’t catch the sunset but I did see the lingering lights from our little nest setting on the side of Kurilpa Bridge. And there amongst some of my very best of friends with a glass of sparkling white in my hand and in the other a slab of brie with a cracker I couldn’t stop smiling or laughing all night. There was about 20 of us there and most people got into the spirit of the night dressing up: there was lots of stripes, a couple of berets, lots of blue, red and white and of course scarves. As well as the music that was provided by a couple of my friends we also had the benefit of some live music that came pouring out of a wedding that was being held on the top floor of the Art Gallery. All in all, a great success!! Gatherings on bridges really are great!

Recreating Paris

22 Oct

Tonight my friends and I are going to try to recreate Paris in Brisbane. Tall order? Perhaps.
It all started with my friends trip to Paris this year and admiration of the Parisians style and their love of bridge hang-outs. So we are going to attempt to recreate that. One bridge in Brisbane, a group of good friends, good food, and a flair of clothing in the French style. I can’t wait!

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

This looks great!

21 Oct


19 Oct

Okkervil River play the Hifi in Brisbane tonight and I’ll be there. I leave you with the first song I ever heard of┬áthe bands. I couldn’t get enough of this when I first heard it. I eventually bought their album based solely on this song and have never regretted it. Enjoy!

BIFF 2011

18 Oct

With all the amazing films that are on the program of the coming Brisbane International Film Festival its easy to be overwhelmed. Lucky I found this article to help you decide why you should get along.

The 39 Steps

18 Oct

I finally got along to see one of the films at the Hitchcock Retrospective on Friday night at the Gallery of Modern Art at South Brisbane. They have it set up really well in the foyer of the Gallery with mood lighting, the bar and the DJ playing cool jazzy tunes. The “Hitchcock Lounge” is a fixture only on Friday nights. All the people waiting to go in were exceedingly cool. I felt quite under-dressed. I like to think my carefully tied scarf added something to my outfit.
My friends and I got seats above halfway up and just as the speech on the film is coming to it’s close, with an extra plug for The Lodger that was being screened Sunday morning. I had never seen The 39 Steps before but it was wonderful. Comic, witty, intriguing. As a friend who came along noted, it felt like the film was in two halves. The first half – film noir. The second – screwball comedy. It worked. The lead actors – dashing. A fabulous evening. I’ll be back.

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I still want to see some old favourites – Dial M for Murder, To Catch a Thief, Rear Window, Vertigo.

What’s your favourite Hitchcock?