The 39 Steps

18 Oct

I finally got along to see one of the films at the Hitchcock Retrospective on Friday night at the Gallery of Modern Art at South Brisbane. They have it set up really well in the foyer of the Gallery with mood lighting, the bar and the DJ playing cool jazzy tunes. The “Hitchcock Lounge” is a fixture only on Friday nights. All the people waiting to go in were exceedingly cool. I felt quite under-dressed. I like to think my carefully tied scarf added something to my outfit.
My friends and I got seats above halfway up and just as the speech on the film is coming to it’s close, with an extra plug for The Lodger that was being screened Sunday morning. I had never seen The 39 Steps before but it was wonderful. Comic, witty, intriguing. As a friend who came along noted, it felt like the film was in two halves. The first half – film noir. The second – screwball comedy. It worked. The lead actors – dashing. A fabulous evening. I’ll be back.

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I still want to see some old favourites – Dial M for Murder, To Catch a Thief, Rear Window, Vertigo.

What’s your favourite Hitchcock?


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