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30 Nov

I visited Banneton Bakery on the weekend, which fantastically was open on a Sunday afternoon in Woolloongabba, when my friends and I were in need of some sustenance and a caffeine lift. I ordered a large flat white (good coffee) and my very *first* macaron. I know! My first! Sacrilege darling! It was really delicious. I bought the raspberry flavoured delicacy and I could have easily scoffed another one.

The cafe/bakery had a really awesome selection of sweet and savoury treats. Visit soon. More details here.

The Dyanmites Featuring Charles Walker/Cheap Fakes

29 Nov

Here is the review of last Thursday’s gig I finally got around to writing up yesterday:

The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker/Cheap Fakes – The Zoo – 24/11/2011

It is a cool evening as we make our way to the Zoo in the Valley. A perfect night to share a dance to some good soul/funk. We arrive a little late and climb the stairs as the first band, Brisbane’s own Cheap Fakes are playing on stage. It’s one of those times I’m so glad I have got along early enough to hear the support. These guys are so much fun! A great mix of reggae, pop, and ska make for music that you simply can’t sit still to. There is only a small crowd gathered so far, but the ones that are there, are clearly enjoying it. One lady in particular, has let loose and is showing her appreciation for their awesome tunes through dance. I too can’t help but move to the music with a silly grin on my face. You can tell these guys are having fun. I’m sorry to see the Cheap Fakes leave the stage at the end of their set.

The Dynamites emerge not long after, all dressed up in waistcoats and ties. They comprise of a seven piece group hailing from Nashville, evidently keen admirers of each member’s craft. The band starts, Leo Black on rhythm guitar leads the band in welcoming the audience, encouraging all not to leave without t-shirts and CDs. And then they’re into it. Leo Black begins by singing along for the first four songs. I’m not sure if it’s just the anticipation of seeing and hearing Mr Charles Walker, but I think having Mr Black on lead vocals to begin is a mis-step. His voice is clear and strong, but it lacks in this soul/funk environment, it sounds too clean.
Luckily after about four songs the star of the show, Charles Walker, is invited to the stage to bring the funk! And he certainly gets the party started. That’s the voice we need. A man who started out at the age of twenty supporting James Brown. Coupled with the very tight band, more people throng to the front of the stage.
Cue an hour and a half of constant great music, with such a great front-man Mr Charles Walker, there is a room full of very happy punters. Charles Walker is the spectacle, the focal point, but he gives back to his band, and always encourages the audience to become involved with sing-a-longs and hand-claps.

The night ends with a medley of James Brown songs, one encore tune and Charles dancing from the stage.
The crowd lingers as the music fades out. I can’t help but walking out of there with a smile on my face.


28 Nov

This take on the iconic beauty looks really good:

Bring the funk!

25 Nov

Last night at the Zoo I went to see The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker. (Review coming soon) Must say something about the support act. I knew nothing about them. As we climbed the stairs the wonderful noise that greeted us were Brisbane’s own Cheap Fakes, a great band full of sounds reminiscent of Trout Fishing in Quebec and Madness with their rock/ska/reggae. There were not many people there when we first arrived but the small bunch were all dancing to the music. Some more enthusiastically than others.

I love it when you see support acts that just blow you away. I definitely want to see these guys live again!

Check them out here:


24 Nov

I’m going along to The Zoo in Brisbane to review “The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker” tonight. I hope I’m ready to get my funk on! I haven’t heard much of this band, nor read too much about them, I hope I can write about them! That’s yet to be seen! For more details go here. Check them out:

Small Town Hilarity

24 Nov

While my friends from Western Australia were in Queensland we decided to do a little road trip to Toowomba (The Womb) and Noosa. On our way to Toowoomba, on the spur of the moment we stopped off at Marburg, a very sweet little town just off the highway. It was a dry, hot afternoon. But the extensive antique centre in the main drag enticed us. What captured our attention and made us want to explore more were the highly intriguing tags on the items. Take for instance:

Aren’t they great?

After a tour of the shop we went over the road for a quick refresher at the local pub before setting off once more for the Womb.

Another Wednesday Tune

23 Nov

This video and song is so far beyond daggy but I just had to post it for sentimental reasons. It was one of many anthems that my friends and I shared on holiday last week. We sang the first few bars of this tune over and over again – on the streets of Noosa, down the paths of Kondalilla falls, in supermarkets. This one is for you E!!!

Tunes for Wednesday

23 Nov

Can’t get enough of this song at the moment:

Hiatus and apologies

21 Nov

Please forgive me, dear readers, for my lack of postings lately. There is a reason for that. Mostly it was time for a break. Not from the blog necessarily, but mainly just a break from routine. I had friends with me from Western Australia and I was busying catching up with them, and showing them some of the things I love in Brisbane and surrounding areas. But I’m back and I promise to catch you up on things I have been enjoying lately.

For now I leave you with the detailings of my Sunday. Wandering around in the sunshine, relaxing in the shade in the park by the Storey Bridge while watching a group of people setting up for what looked like a wedding, swimming and gossip at the pool, Mexican food, frozen margaritas and finally coconut gelati. It was a perfect way to deal with farewelling good friends. Did you have a good Sunday?

Stephen Fry in my town!!!

6 Nov

I obviously knew that Stephen Fry would be in town come October/November. I had been expectantly awaiting it for months now. Refer back to this post in August. The excitement was very high. Unfortunately I have no power to say I saw him live, but I did hear some good things about some of the shows. Well I should alter that statement, sounds like Stephen Fry and Alan Davies were always very professional and wonderful, but some of the Aussie guests lacked. Having said that I would have loved to have been along to the Tuesday night show when Adam Spencer was a guest. A worthy opponent I think.

On Monday, checking my twitter feed I noticed that Stephen Fry had found himself in WEST END, my little section of town. He had been recommended Avid Reader via his Twitter friends, but ended up first at Bent Books. Later he made his way down to Avid Reader. In both stores it sounds like the staff went a little mental at the sight of Mr Fry. From Avid: ‘Stephen Fry just left Avid Reader with a bag of books! We have just started breathing again and stopped the nervous giggling.’ I understand completely. Sigh. And I just happened to be at work at the time, and unable to break away to stalk the streets of Brisbane to try and track him down.

Stephen Fry left Brisbane and Australia on Thursday with these parting words:

Stephen Fry

@stephenfryStephen Fry
Bye btw Brisbane – you’ve been adorable.
If he ever comes back to do a solo show, I’ll be queuing up to purchase tickets for sure.