Inni – Sigur Ros

5 Nov

Tonight I went along with a friend and my brother to see the latest Sigur Ros film, Inni, that I spoke about here. I really didn’t know what to expect, standing there waiting in the foyer of GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane) along with a throng of hipsters. I googled it as we walked in, and learned it was their second film, a follow-up to one from 2007. Tonight’s performance comes courtesy mainly of a gig from 2008. It begins with the frontman on screen solo, wildly playing his guitar with a bow. There is dense sound in the room. We just so happen to be sitting next to a couple with a young baby. They are obviously trying to get the kid to sleep but with the noise and the flashing lights the kid tries to whip his head around to see the screen.

It’s straight into the bands first number. What a glorious film it turns out to be. I expected more documentary feel to it, instead it is the concert with inclusions of interview footage, award ceremonies and even a little display of the band members on bikes. The sound is marvellous, the frontman’s voice a beautiful balance of control. I love it. The way it is shot is wonderful looking like archive footage from over 30 years ago.  And I score a convert, my friend really enjoys it. I might have a concert buddy if Sigur Ros decide to add Australia to their upcoming tour diary. I really hope they do.

They are pretty experimental. If you are up for a listen, check this video out:


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