Stephen Fry in my town!!!

6 Nov

I obviously knew that Stephen Fry would be in town come October/November. I had been expectantly awaiting it for months now. Refer back to this post in August. The excitement was very high. Unfortunately I have no power to say I saw him live, but I did hear some good things about some of the shows. Well I should alter that statement, sounds like Stephen Fry and Alan Davies were always very professional and wonderful, but some of the Aussie guests lacked. Having said that I would have loved to have been along to the Tuesday night show when Adam Spencer was a guest. A worthy opponent I think.

On Monday, checking my twitter feed I noticed that Stephen Fry had found himself in WEST END, my little section of town. He had been recommended Avid Reader via his Twitter friends, but ended up first at Bent Books. Later he made his way down to Avid Reader. In both stores it sounds like the staff went a little mental at the sight of Mr Fry. From Avid: ‘Stephen Fry just left Avid Reader with a bag of books! We have just started breathing again and stopped the nervous giggling.’ I understand completely. Sigh. And I just happened to be at work at the time, and unable to break away to stalk the streets of Brisbane to try and track him down.

Stephen Fry left Brisbane and Australia on Thursday with these parting words:

Stephen Fry

@stephenfryStephen Fry
Bye btw Brisbane – you’ve been adorable.
If he ever comes back to do a solo show, I’ll be queuing up to purchase tickets for sure.

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