The Dyanmites Featuring Charles Walker/Cheap Fakes

29 Nov

Here is the review of last Thursday’s gig I finally got around to writing up yesterday:

The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker/Cheap Fakes – The Zoo – 24/11/2011

It is a cool evening as we make our way to the Zoo in the Valley. A perfect night to share a dance to some good soul/funk. We arrive a little late and climb the stairs as the first band, Brisbane’s own Cheap Fakes are playing on stage. It’s one of those times I’m so glad I have got along early enough to hear the support. These guys are so much fun! A great mix of reggae, pop, and ska make for music that you simply can’t sit still to. There is only a small crowd gathered so far, but the ones that are there, are clearly enjoying it. One lady in particular, has let loose and is showing her appreciation for their awesome tunes through dance. I too can’t help but move to the music with a silly grin on my face. You can tell these guys are having fun. I’m sorry to see the Cheap Fakes leave the stage at the end of their set.

The Dynamites emerge not long after, all dressed up in waistcoats and ties. They comprise of a seven piece group hailing from Nashville, evidently keen admirers of each member’s craft. The band starts, Leo Black on rhythm guitar leads the band in welcoming the audience, encouraging all not to leave without t-shirts and CDs. And then they’re into it. Leo Black begins by singing along for the first four songs. I’m not sure if it’s just the anticipation of seeing and hearing Mr Charles Walker, but I think having Mr Black on lead vocals to begin is a mis-step. His voice is clear and strong, but it lacks in this soul/funk environment, it sounds too clean.
Luckily after about four songs the star of the show, Charles Walker, is invited to the stage to bring the funk! And he certainly gets the party started. That’s the voice we need. A man who started out at the age of twenty supporting James Brown. Coupled with the very tight band, more people throng to the front of the stage.
Cue an hour and a half of constant great music, with such a great front-man Mr Charles Walker, there is a room full of very happy punters. Charles Walker is the spectacle, the focal point, but he gives back to his band, and always encourages the audience to become involved with sing-a-longs and hand-claps.

The night ends with a medley of James Brown songs, one encore tune and Charles dancing from the stage.
The crowd lingers as the music fades out. I can’t help but walking out of there with a smile on my face.


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