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I dub thee… Movie Day!

30 Dec

What better way to pass the time on Boxing Day than by partaking in the splendour of movie watching. After bidding some friends goodbye on their Italian trip two days earlier S and I decided to pass day four of our holidays in the cinema. Palace Barracks to be exact. With a bevy of choice – we decided upon three. The Iron Lady (another Meryl Streep oscar nomination surely?), The Adventures of Tin Tin, and We Bought a Zoo. Seriously love Palace cinemas. It makes my old regular Southbank look so pedestrian and shabby even. We went to Southbank last weekend and it had a very peculiar smell to it. So we revelled in the comfort of the Palace. At the box office a cute blonde guy didn’t think it at all weird that we wished to purchase three tickets each for our day of movie wonder. Another reason to love the place. We’re not freaks!

The movies were all fantastic, all very different from one another. The Iron Lady was an emotional story of the extremely well known Margaret Thatcher. I realised I knew hardly anything about her. Must research. Meryl was amazing as usual!
For The Adventures of Tin Tin we were joined by my brother, S, and my friends mother. They both had a long history of reading the comics and they were deeply amused by seeing how it was portrayed on the big screen. Two big enthusiastic thumbs up! I haven’t laughed that much in the cinema in ages. Hilarious!
We Bought a Zoo – according to the previews could have been a major schmaltz fest, but it was a nice emotional drama with some fabulous animals. With Cameron Crowe at the helm the soundtrack was fantastic including alot from the lead singer of Sigur Ros, Jonsi as my friend T pointed out on his blog recently.

All in all a very successful day. S and I have decided that we are going to institute it. Every time we are in the country, and in the city together: Boxing Day is our movie day and we vow to watch at least three movies together at the cinema.

She gave my pride a short back and sides

25 Dec

I can’t quite believe it but I’ve never attended a musical instore before. So in an effort to do something new and to see one of my favourite Aussie singer/songwriters I got along to my local record store – Jet Black Cat Records – to see Darren Hanlon. If you haven’t heard any of his songs before he has a wonderful witty way with words that accompany his folk music played either on guitar or uke.

My friend M alerted me to the performance and a good roomful of other fans got along too. Darren was about half an hour late owing to delays with his flight from Sydney. It was intimate, and the little store was crowded with hip people drinking ciders or soy iced coffees from Black Star. Darren knows how to deal with the audience and always looks comfortable up front, despite being so close in proximity to everyone. He played about seven songs in his reportoire including requests from the audience. I didn’t quite get in quick enough with my plea for “Couch surfing” but I was still thrilled he played some of my favourites – including Folk Insomnia, Punk’s Not Dead, and I waited for the 17 but the 17 never came… It was indeed a pleasant way to pass the afternoon.


If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing his music take a listen to this tune:

Tune for Wednesday

21 Dec

I’ve been trawling through my albums of “Like A Version”, which are cover songs performed in the Triple J studio. This song is one of my favourites at the moment. Never heard the original which is by Sublime, a Punk/Ska band from California. This version by Australia’s Megan Washington is just wonderful.

Soggy Sunday

19 Dec

I’ve lived in West End for the past four years and absolutely love it. It’s a place I feel very comfortable in. I’m surrounded by interesting characters, great shops, bookstores (hello Bent Books and Avid Reader), fabulous cafes (I’m looking at you West End Coffee House) and restaurants/bars. I feel relaxed here. Not like I have to put on a certain persona.

But… I don’t know much of the history of the area. So last Sunday I attempted to acquaint myself with a little more by way of the “Street Walker’s Guide to West End” a initiative of the West End Making History group. They organised a walk on Sunday afternoon from 3pm. I got together a posse of friends who I knew either loved West End or loved history and we braced ourselves to meet at Avid Reader in Boundary Street. I feel such a wimp saying it now, but we chickened out. Most of the group did infact. There was horizontal rain!! It was torrential.

We plan to do it again though, when the walks resume in the new year. Must keep on the lookout for further details!

The Old and the New – tunes for Wednesday

14 Dec

Two tunes for Wednesday. First the new – Matt Corby with  Brother. It’s a song I’ve been hearing on the radio very often of late. Every time I hear it I reach for my Iphone App “Shazam” to figure out who it is. Every time its a surprise – oh that song again. Love it.

The second tune comes courtesy of The Wedding Singer soundtrack – this song is just so wonderfully fun:

Dan Sultan at the Hifi

13 Dec

Friday night I went along to the Hifi in West End with my friend, B to see Dan Sultan, for FREE!
I was intrigued and delighted with my win. I have been a fan of Dan’s voice for some time. I haven’t heard his albums, I wasn’t really acquainted with his music. It was a good night though. He’s confident on-stage without making it all about him in an overtly self-indulgent way. He certainly was channelling Elvis Presley with some of his dance moves.

I also had the opportunity of being introduced to the second support of the night, The Hello Mornings. The lead singer – Steven Clifford was very Johnny Cash in his moves and his voice reminded me of Mark Oliver Everett of The Eels.

The crowd was amusing and entertaining as well. There was a gorgeous couple who took to the dancefloor at the front of stage on their own to move to the music, apparently aware of only each other. Then a couple of girls joined them for a bit. The girls stood behind us during Dan Sultan’s set and were wobbling around and shouting inappropriate things. *Yawn* – so predictable! Murray from the Wiggles was at the gig too!

The walk back to our homes up the road was interesting and alarming too. I saw my first punch-up there. The second happened on Sunday night. What is happening to West End? Is it the time of the year? All that raw emotion??

Tune for Wednesday

7 Dec

From the upcoming new album by First Aid Kit, a song I heard on the radio this morning:

Rediscovering the past

2 Dec

Do you remember the first CD you purchased? Do you cringe at the thought? Or find feelings of nostalgia?

My first CD purchase was No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom:

This was a CD from a time when No Doubt were producing fantastic Ska and Punk tunes. You remember those big singles – Just A Girl or Sunday Morning. Far less commercialised from what they became. I know these songs inside out. I know all the lyrics. The other day I decided to listen to the whole album again – still love it. It’s so much fun. I love the horn section. The tunes are big and bold and bright.

So what did you listen to back when you first started buying CD albums?