Dan Sultan at the Hifi

13 Dec

Friday night I went along to the Hifi in West End with my friend, B to see Dan Sultan, for FREE!
I was intrigued and delighted with my win. I have been a fan of Dan’s voice for some time. I haven’t heard his albums, I wasn’t really acquainted with his music. It was a good night though. He’s confident on-stage without making it all about him in an overtly self-indulgent way. He certainly was channelling Elvis Presley with some of his dance moves.

I also had the opportunity of being introduced to the second support of the night, The Hello Mornings. The lead singer – Steven Clifford was very Johnny Cash in his moves and his voice reminded me of Mark Oliver Everett of The Eels.

The crowd was amusing and entertaining as well. There was a gorgeous couple who took to the dancefloor at the front of stage on their own to move to the music, apparently aware of only each other. Then a couple of girls joined them for a bit. The girls stood behind us during Dan Sultan’s set and were wobbling around and shouting inappropriate things. *Yawn* – so predictable! Murray from the Wiggles was at the gig too!

The walk back to our homes up the road was interesting and alarming too. I saw my first punch-up there. The second happened on Sunday night. What is happening to West End? Is it the time of the year? All that raw emotion??

2 Responses to “Dan Sultan at the Hifi”

  1. Megsamillion December 13, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

    Hmm sorry to break it to you but West End is a bit scary, especially at night! With what’s happened on your street I’m surprised your only just figuring this out now! Of course it is still eclectic & unique which is awesome!

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