Soggy Sunday

19 Dec

I’ve lived in West End for the past four years and absolutely love it. It’s a place I feel very comfortable in. I’m surrounded by interesting characters, great shops, bookstores (hello Bent Books and Avid Reader), fabulous cafes (I’m looking at you West End Coffee House) and restaurants/bars. I feel relaxed here. Not like I have to put on a certain persona.

But… I don’t know much of the history of the area. So last Sunday I attempted to acquaint myself with a little more by way of the “Street Walker’s Guide to West End” a initiative of the West End Making History group. They organised a walk on Sunday afternoon from 3pm. I got together a posse of friends who I knew either loved West End or loved history and we braced ourselves to meet at Avid Reader in Boundary Street. I feel such a wimp saying it now, but we chickened out. Most of the group did infact. There was horizontal rain!! It was torrential.

We plan to do it again though, when the walks resume in the new year. Must keep on the lookout for further details!

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