I dub thee… Movie Day!

30 Dec

What better way to pass the time on Boxing Day than by partaking in the splendour of movie watching. After bidding some friends goodbye on their Italian trip two days earlier S and I decided to pass day four of our holidays in the cinema. Palace Barracks to be exact. With a bevy of choice – we decided upon three. The Iron Lady (another Meryl Streep oscar nomination surely?), The Adventures of Tin Tin, and We Bought a Zoo. Seriously love Palace cinemas. It makes my old regular Southbank look so pedestrian and shabby even. We went to Southbank last weekend and it had a very peculiar smell to it. So we revelled in the comfort of the Palace. At the box office a cute blonde guy didn’t think it at all weird that we wished to purchase three tickets each for our day of movie wonder. Another reason to love the place. We’re not freaks!

The movies were all fantastic, all very different from one another. The Iron Lady was an emotional story of the extremely well known Margaret Thatcher. I realised I knew hardly anything about her. Must research. Meryl was amazing as usual!
For The Adventures of Tin Tin we were joined by my brother, S, and my friends mother. They both had a long history of reading the comics and they were deeply amused by seeing how it was portrayed on the big screen. Two big enthusiastic thumbs up! I haven’t laughed that much in the cinema in ages. Hilarious!
We Bought a Zoo – according to the previews could have been a major schmaltz fest, but it was a nice emotional drama with some fabulous animals. With Cameron Crowe at the helm the soundtrack was fantastic including alot from the lead singer of Sigur Ros, Jonsi as my friend T pointed out on his blog recently.

All in all a very successful day. S and I have decided that we are going to institute it. Every time we are in the country, and in the city together: Boxing Day is our movie day and we vow to watch at least three movies together at the cinema.


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