2012 – surprise me!

2 Jan

So it’s the second day into the new year. I’m not sure how I feel about this year yet. Not sure how the year will proceed. There are new things afoot. Things I want to accomplish. But I’ve decided not to make any resolutions for the new year. I’ve been awful at keeping them in years past. So instead with goals in mind I will enter into this new space. I’ve had almost two weeks off work with which to enjoy my time at home. I’ve done a few day trips – twice to Byron, and once to Noosa. I much prefer Byron. It is my kind of place. Alot of people abhor how touristy it has got, but I secretly love the hustle bustle, and the people watching that can be done there. Up in Noosa it has more of a retiree vibe. Byron is all about the backpackers and the younger crowd. Unfortunately today we had to rush back as our friends had to get back to Brisbane to go out for dinner, otherwise I could imagine sitting up at the top pub for a little longer, knocking back some more ciders and then maybe wandering down the street for some dinner.

Although… it’s probably a good thing I’m back in Brisbane now. Work tomorrow. The time off has been awesome, it has just gone way too quickly.

I’d love to hear your New Years resolutions if you have any. Please do tell.


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