Movie goings

3 Jan

Seriously, I think there are only two reasons I ever watched Mission Impossible 3 when it was released years ago –

1. I was on a plane going somewhere, probably bored.
2. Philip Seymour Hoffman was in it, and I have a major soft-spot for him which harks back to seeing him in Twister.

So I’m not sure how I caved and agreed to go along with friends to see Mission Impossible 4. But… it turned out to be quite a lark, and a bit of fun. There were numerous jokes before the movie started about what the cinema smelt like (we went to Southbank) – in contention was dirty underwear, or like various smelly things had been rubbed into the material of the seats.
Yes it made me feel a little uncomfortable! But we got take-out tea from Tlicious which was hilarious in light of the genre of movie we were about to see. Can tea and action films be combined? The question needs to be asked.
But the movie was fun, fast-paced, and witty due to Simon Pegg mostly. Despite all that is said about Tom Cruise I think he is a great actor, and he was quite lovely to look at.

What’s been peaking your interest movie-wise lately?


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