Marion’s Kitchen: The Test

5 Feb

Three sleeps out from the start of the Cleanse and I decided to use one of the kits from an ex-Masterchef contestant Marion Grasby. Getting food off my shelf that I won’t be able to eat come Sunday is always a good thing. Details of Marion’s range cane be found here. While I think it’s a bit of a cop-out that a chef would want to release a range of kit meals, I do also get that encouraging people to cook for themselves instead of buying take-out by making the process simple will always be a good thing. For myself – I don’t know, I guess the bright colours got me in.

I bought two kits. Monday night I cooked my friends the Thai Basil and Chilli with chicken and vegies and it was super easy and very tasty. So I decided to document the process of kit number two.

See cheery red package?

The box includes these individually wrapped parcels.

Fry the paste.

Notice the enthusiastic exclamation marks? I like the helpful steps on each parcel.

Stir together.

Add the herbs, the chillis and the fish sauce.

It’s really beginning to smell great. After this goes in, it’s a steady succession of adding the other key ingredients.

Marion suggests pumpkin and green beans, but I went for total ease and popped some frozen vegies in. Worked a treat.

For the choice of meat, I went with chicken breast.

Once all the ingredients are combined let it simmer for about eight minutes.

And then the final result, served with rice:

So the final account? Very impressed Marion. It was very tasty, I liked the number of elements in the final dish. I liked how simple it was. How quick it all came together. I was able to watch an episode of QI on I-View and even eat a little in front of the program. I got home at 7am and was well and truly eating by half past. I totally would endorse this kit meal especially for middle of the week dinners when you have little time on your hands.


2 Responses to “Marion’s Kitchen: The Test”

  1. Megsamillion February 6, 2012 at 9:17 am #

    We have tried the San Choy Bow & the Pad Thai, both were delicious and perfect for Friday night couldn’t be botheredness!

    • captaindecibel February 6, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

      Exactly! So tasty. I really like your invented phrase – ‘couldn’t be botheredness’ sums it up nicely.

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