Radiohead 2012

2 Mar

So you’ve probably been hearing quite a bit about Radiohead this week. On Monday there was a BIG announcement made on Triple J that Radiohead had just announced their first Australian tour since 2004.

I have a sad story to tell in short about that tour. I was living in Western Australia at the time, right down south in a remote village called Denmark. I loved Radiohead though and a good friend called me and suggested we hit up the Melbourne gig. A friend she knew was getting tickets and she wanted to know if I’d like to come along too. As far as I remember there was a roadtrip involved. It all sounded very fun indeed. I said yes immediately! I was going to hear Thom Yorke live!

But then there was a big mess with getting the tickets. My friend, M, thought the tickets had been booked. Turns out they weren’t. No concert. No Thom.
Then Thom got sick and he cancelled the second concert in Melbourne, he’d lost his voice. Very sad. I remember having a dream around that time that I was walking through the park in my town with M and we came across Thom and the band just busking in the middle of the pathway. They played for us, and through one of our favourite songs he stared at my friend and not me. I was gutted.

Back in real life my M got a spare ticket to see Radiohead play and she got to see Thom live just like the dream. And they played her favourite song – No Surprises. She said the concert was magical just as I imagined. I’m so glad she got to go along.

So this week I was even more adamant that I’d make sure I’d get along to one of their performances this year. Tuesday I set myself up for the pre-sale on the Ticketmaster website to buy my ticket for the Monday Sydney show so I could attend with M. Due to complications and glitches with the website I missed out. But I still felt ok that somehow I’d get a ticket. And I did! It was almost too easy – I jumped online on Thursday morning at 8am and snapped up my single ticket! I’m rediculously excited, even if I do have to wait until November to see them!
The only downside at this point is that M didn’t get a ticket. At this stage, I’ll be attending on my own. Oh well, as another friend said, there are always scalpers! Although they have already started with their rediculous pricing on Ebay. I really hope they release some more tickets as more dates look very unlikely. I really want to be standing next to M when they walk on stage on the 12th November.

For now the date is clearly marked in my diary!!!!


2 Responses to “Radiohead 2012”

  1. jones March 2, 2012 at 3:52 pm #

    I’ve been avoiding thinking about this. I forgot about 2004, and getting screwed over by a “friend” – do you remember he took many months to give me back the money? I’m sure he sold them on ebay. That was nothing short of a nightmare.

    I think you should go still. I’m sure you’ll find someone else to go with. Come stay with me, and we’ll have a good weekend. At least one of us will get to go – and its your turn! I hope you go to see Radiohead.

    I can’t believe we couldn’t score tickets. One big fat sigh.

  2. Cold Dead Heart March 2, 2012 at 10:50 pm #

    I so love Radiohead…this is the concert to see. If only concerts these days weren’t so expensive and scalpers so sneaky.

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