Open up the curtains wide, One day a year like this will see me right

26 Mar

So last night was the Elbow/Bombay Bicycle Club gig. What a splendid night it turned out to be. After checking set-times with the venue I arrived at quarter past seven. Most people there were spread out, much of the premium upstairs area was already taken. The bar was easy to get to, and some people were lounging around in the wings. So I pushed forward where the crowd was and got within five people to the front. The silly teens who were only there for the cute-ness of Bombay Bicycle Club (??) were enthusiastic and at times, annoying. But when Bombay got off stage, they soon followed leaving me with an opportunity to rush forward. So for Elbow I was only two back from the front.
I am fairly new to the Bombay Bicycle Club bandwagon. I have always found their album cute and fun. And that’s how they came across on stage – polished and fun. I felt they could let go a little more. But all in all, goodly.

Elbow entered the stage at about 8.30ish. The dynamic changed. Two violins started. The rest of the band came out a few moments later and they began with The Birds from their latest album, Build a Rocket Boys. And they were off. Guy Garvey, lead-singer, was all over the stage holding onto his cordless mic the entire night, singing directly to individual people. It felt personal and intimate. It was perfect. When I see such bands I always come away feeling spoilt. Almost like I don’t want to go and see any other bands, as they will not meet up to what I got from them. There is only a few on that list of idyllic bands – Wilco, Elvis Costello.

So all of you are welcome to chime in – ‘hate to say I told you so!’ I deserve it. To think I might have missed out! It’s not every day you get a cuddle from the lead singer of one your favourite bands!

Favourite tunes included Ground for Divorce, Lippy Kids and Starlings. I left feeling excited and giddy and with my ears ringing. They ended with ‘One day like this’ where the title of my post comes from. I can’t help but feel insanely happy after listening to it.

2 Responses to “Open up the curtains wide, One day a year like this will see me right”

  1. surelay March 28, 2012 at 4:04 pm #

    I really like Elbow but this guy steals the show eh !

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