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Should I or Shouldn’t I?

21 Mar

The band Elbow from England are playing this weekend in Brisbane at my favourite venue, The Tivoli. They have already sold out Saturday’s gig, but there are still tickets available on Sunday. I have loved these guys for a few years now, they are incredible musicians. Ever since I heard the announcement of their tour in Australia I have danced around the prospect of going to see them live. But it was the $90 ticket price that put me off. I just couldn’t justify paying that much for them. But as the days tick down to the concert I’m reconsidering! I need some guidance. Should I go? Will I be really upset with myself if I don’t get a ticket and go there. There are a few more days to decide… Details here.

What do you think I should do?

Free Ticket!!

21 Mar

I scored a free ticket to Ross Noble last night at QPAC. A friend of a friend posted about it, and then when no other takers were to be found I put my hand up. Oh the trials we have to endure!

I have seen him once before live at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, but I liked the more intimate setting of the Concert Hall this time and his engagement with the audience. Oh the randomness that springs to his mind. He’s quite brilliant really.

This still is one of my all time favourite clips from one of Ross’ shows:

Tune for Wednesday

21 Mar

Classic Film Friday

16 Mar

Upside Down

15 Mar


15 Mar

How awesome are these glasses – I’d love a pair!

Glasses by Karen Walker, details here.

Look at me, I’ve got hooks for hands!

14 Mar

I’m constantly on the look out for ideas to set up the display of my jewellery with the new room in the new unit. I came across these wonderful Hook Hands today. Aren’t they fab, and ever so creepy. But I love it!

Further details can be found here.