Cheap Fakes vs Buzz Lightyear

2 Apr

It’s been a big weekend! Did you have a nice one?

I spent time with friends, spent a day in Byron and Saturday night I went with my brother and my friend S to the album launch of Brisbane band the Cheap Fakes, a funk/reggae/dub group that I have talked about in this post back in November. They are tops. Perfect band to move your body to. My brother of course was with me last time I saw them. But I was very excited to “show” them to my friend. She is a lover of happy tunes. I thought she would be into them. Turns out she totally was! Seeing her happy smiley face opposite me as we were dancing out front of the band was a splendid thing. We danced non-stop to the wonderful tunes. They ran on stage and continued with such energy and showed off their repertoire. And it was a fantastic set. Highlights of the night: the amount of energy being poured offstage towards the excitable crowd, seeing how many people were loving the music, and seeing Buzz Lightyear dancing among the punters.Yes you heard right, one guy thought it was fancy dress. Despite the warmth inside the venue he persevered with the velcro fastened suit. S and I had to help him fix it a couple of times, and reattach his wings. In exchange we were lucky to get a cuddle. What is it with gigs lately and hugs?
My feet and legs were well and truly stuffed by the time we stumbled downstairs. Grabbed a copy of their new album “Hand Me Downs” on the way out. I’ve had it on repeat ever since. An excellent travelling soundtrack. I sometimes sit on the bus and fine myself tapping my foot or shaking my head to the beat.

What have you been listening to lately?


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