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Tune for Wednesday

18 Apr

Bursting with Fruit Flavour

17 Apr

Hello there. I’ve been slack of late. Posting all sorts of film clips, movies and songs but neglecting to fill you in on what has been happening. Well at last I get to share more than a few words with you.

Friday I went along with a group of seven friends to see the production of Annie at QPAC. We got there with a few minutes to spare and so I quickly ordered a g and t and basically had to skull it before we were ushered through Door 12. I don’t think I need to talk too much about how great live theatre/musicals are. I think you realise how fantastic they are. Friday night was no different. I was glued to the stage. I struggled not to sing along. It made me want to be a part of the action. I want to act on stage. Dance on stage. Sing on stage. Oh if only. It looks so rewarding and so much fun. I only wish I could have been closer, seen the expression on the performers faces.

Stand outs for me were Todd McKenny as Rooster. He moves so well around the stage. And just like last time – I fell in love with Anthony Warlow as Oliver Warbucks. I only wished he would let loose on some of the songs more. His voice is magical.

Afterwards we walked down the wet streets to Grill’d in Southbank for some burgers and chips.

Saturday night I went with a few friends to the movies to see the incredibly cheesy looking “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”. Have you seen the preview? It really makes it look awful. I wasn’t going to see it until a friend gave it a good review. I was in the mood for a bit of cheese on Saturday. We were given the judgement at the movies by an older couple who told us that: “we should have come earlier if we have such a large group”. There were four of us. And all we had done was ask them nicely if they would mind moving up one chair space so we could sit together.
Luckily the movie made up for the silliness, it ended up being really sweet and funny.

I spent a bit of time in Archives bookstore in the city on Saturday with a friend who was up from Sydney for the day. He appreciates the love of the book that I have and we happily spent an hour in there just drifting through the aisles. I ended up with two Douglas Coupland novels that I’m eager to get into.

Sunday afternoon I went along to bookclub – the book on discussion: The Last Chinese Chef. The consensus for the book was pretty good. I enjoyed this novel better than another we have read by Nicole Mones. There was a lot of information about Chinese culture. And the description of the food had my mouth watering!

How was your weekend? Full of flavour?

Classic Film Friday

13 Apr

Today’s classic film clip is extra special. It is one of the wonderful musical treats in the movie Annie from 1982. I grew up with the movie. We always owned it as a family and I recall seeing it plenty of times and singing along often.

Tonight I get see the Annie musical onstage at QPAC in Brisbane. I have seen it once before in 2001 with my parentals and a good friend. It was wonderful. I cannot wait to see it again. No doubt I’ll be all mad smiles and struggling to resist the urge to sing along!

Tune for Wednesday

11 Apr

Sound of Noise

9 Apr

Classic Film Friday – Some Like It Hot

6 Apr

Tune for Wednesday

4 Apr