Free Ride?

2 May

It really does seem to be my week. The week of the free tickets. Some previously won, and I have been able to add another two to the list today. On Monday night I went to the movies with three friends to see a preview of the Norweigan film King of Devil’s Island at the cinema. It was about half full, apparently the screening was set up for a bunch of film critics and some “special” Palace members had been invited too. Details of the film here. It’s beautifully shot in its stark lightness and the bleakness fits well with the subject matter. It’s based on a true story, which with a little further research seems to be based on a few different true stories fitted together. I really loved it.

Tonight my friend S and I have a double pass to go and see Delicacy the movie that the book I have been reading is based on. I finished the book this morning and absolutely loved it. Very simply told, with two charming lead characters. So I have high expectations for this movie. That could be a bad thing. We’ll see.

Yesterday I entered a competition on FB to win a double pass to see Jeffrey Eugenides, writer of The Marriage Plot, The Virgin Suicides and Middlesex, as part of the Bookend Brisbane Writers Festival events. And today the lovely Riverbend Books and Teahouse announced me as the winner!! So excited. Details can be found here.


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