The Marriage Plot – Jeffrey Eugenides

2 Jun

A couple of Sundays ago, I got along to see Jeffrey Eugenides speak at the Powerhouse. I actually won two tickets to the event courtesy of Riverbend Books during my wonderful winning streak. Jeffrey Eugenides has written three books which include The Virgin Suicides, Middlesex and the latest being The Wedding Plot. I have read The Virgin Suicides which I really enjoyed years and years ago. Middlesex sounds really interesting but I’ve never picked it up. And The Marriage Plot has been up on my radar for quite some time. I kept on seeing it at every bookstore I went to. And then I overhead a hairdresser talking about it a couple of cuts ago.

It has to be for me one of the best books I’ve read in ages. I still haven’t quite finished it, but there is only about 100 pages to go. I love how well written it is and how it feels like I’m getting to know the three characters on such a personal level. And just like real life I go through stages of liking them more or less. I find myself slowly reading the remainder as I don’t want it to end.

My favourite quote from Mr Eugenides was this in relation to his writing experience:

“I always try to write my books as if I’m writing a letter to my most clever friend.”

I like to read and feel like I’m receiving an education, so thank you Jeffrey.


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