Countdown to Batman!

16 Jul

It feels like I have been harping on about the Batman trilogy for some time on here. But it’s just that I’m ridiculously excited about seeing where Christopher Nolan takes this wonderful character next.
Wednesday night will be epic. I’m consumed with thoughts of getting to the cinema early enough to snag a great seat, and packing snacks to keep me happy all night through. Eeeeee!

What do you like to bring to the movies or buy at the movies to snack on?

On a website I read about the determining factors of considering something for a movie snack: portability, messiness, noisiness and healthiness. I’ve taking a survey in the office – talk of Jaffas, malteasers, crispy M&Ms. All very standard fare. For Wednesday night I think we need to keep the sugar intake initially down low. I’m thinking so far: strawberries, crystallised ginger, pretzels, nuts, strawberries, malteasers. Might have to be some sushi on the menu as well. And coffee, lots of coffee.


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