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Classic Film Friday

31 Aug

Tune for Wednesday

29 Aug

“I love you, but you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

27 Aug

My weekend just gone was great. Started with crafty markets in the city. Purchases included T-rex earrings (the animal, not the band) and a robot brooch with a vintage postage stamp on his stomach. Jealous much?

I had a dinner party on Saturday for good friends who are about to go overseas. There was a bit of talk about pretentiousness and lack of ability to drive (?) associated to talk of the fall-out of Apple vs Samsung. Quite the acid tongues. And so much generalizing. So all Apple users are brainless are they K?
Yes it seems I have a couple of very staunch Apple-hating friends. When K admitted that he was considering a purchase of the latest Ipad 2 you should have seen the reaction. The look on the faces of those around him at the time was priceless. I was ready to add my two cents to that conversation. Oh course I wanted to rile him up! L was speechless but managed to mutter, “why?”

K admitted that for what he required of it, the Ipad 2 would work very nicely. Ok, maybe he said it would be sufficient, I may have embellished the dialogue somewhat.

There was then some reference to gardens and how Apple users don’t have the key to escape. Most of those damning words were flung at me. Oh aren’t they treasures?

The weekend was fun! Despite the banter there was much laughter also and good music. And then on Sunday evening a visit to the cinema for an advanced screening of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom which was beautiful, sweet, touching, hilarious and overall wonderful! Thus the quote for today.

How was your weekend?

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Classic Film Friday

24 Aug

In line with yesterdays news of the South Pacific production coming to Brisbane in 2013, today we have the original movie trailer. Ah, sigh!

Waiting List!

23 Aug

One of my favourite musicals of all time is South Pacific and I’ve just received word today that the production is coming to Brisbane in 2013!!! I guess the movie and the songs are even more special to me because my mum introduced musicals to me at a very young age, and this was among them. So even now I love to pull them out, watch and sing along!

If you want to be included on the wait-list details are here.

Tune for Wednesday

22 Aug

Here’s To Feeling Good All The Time!

21 Aug

I’ve referred to liver cleansing on previous blog posts. Every now and again I like to get into them, set myself the goal of a strict eating plan over eight weeks. The first few days are usually torture but pretty soon you realise why you loved doing it so much. You feel better, healthier and you have heaps more energy. Last time I started the journey I had a real sense that I would like it to continue. And when I say continue, I mean make it a way of life.

So I did the eight weeks, and then allowed myself two weeks to gorge myself on all the things I had been going without . The plan at that point was to plunge right back in and then start afresh. Unfortunately that was a bad plan. I failed. So it’s been quite some time between cleanses. This time I have cleanse buddies – two good friends. S, who is my next-door neighbour. And M who is currently living down in Sydney.

It’s perfect having cleansing buddies. I feel so much more inspired and less likely to break! So day II is now over and despite having 3.30pm sugar cravings really bad all things are on track. So far the things that are inspiring me to keep going are avocado, and hummus with carrot sticks. Store-bought hummus will never cut it again. I have been blending up my own and it’s amazing!

Tune for Wednesday

15 Aug

Classic Film Friday

10 Aug

Today a side-step from the usual “movie” style snippet. Today a nod to the Olympics that are dominating the TV screens and the news at the moment. A look back to The Dream – a satirical show presented by the genius of Roy & HG. I’ve had to include two videos I love best. Enjoy!

There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand

8 Aug

Exciting news from the states yesterday – the latest season of Arrested Development, that zany and wonderful TV series started production. I cannot wait to see more from this franchise. Especially with new of a movie release as well. I definitely need more of the Bluth’s in my life. If you haven’t had the fortune to see this show before – get your hands on the first season and start watching. It only gets better with future watchers!

More news about the season production here.