“I love you, but you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

27 Aug

My weekend just gone was great. Started with crafty markets in the city. Purchases included T-rex earrings (the animal, not the band) and a robot brooch with a vintage postage stamp on his stomach. Jealous much?

I had a dinner party on Saturday for good friends who are about to go overseas. There was a bit of talk about pretentiousness and lack of ability to drive (?) associated to talk of the fall-out of Apple vs Samsung. Quite the acid tongues. And so much generalizing. So all Apple users are brainless are they K?
Yes it seems I have a couple of very staunch Apple-hating friends. When K admitted that he was considering a purchase of the latest Ipad 2 you should have seen the reaction. The look on the faces of those around him at the time was priceless. I was ready to add my two cents to that conversation. Oh course I wanted to rile him up! L was speechless but managed to mutter, “why?”

K admitted that for what he required of it, the Ipad 2 would work very nicely. Ok, maybe he said it would be sufficient, I may have embellished the dialogue somewhat.

There was then some reference to gardens and how Apple users don’t have the key to escape. Most of those damning words were flung at me. Oh aren’t they treasures?

The weekend was fun! Despite the banter there was much laughter also and good music. And then on Sunday evening a visit to the cinema for an advanced screening of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom which was beautiful, sweet, touching, hilarious and overall wonderful! Thus the quote for today.

How was your weekend?

Picture courtesy of collider.com

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