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Tune for Wednesday

15 Aug

Classic Film Friday

10 Aug

Today a side-step from the usual “movie” style snippet. Today a nod to the Olympics that are dominating the TV screens and the news at the moment. A look back to The Dream – a satirical show presented by the genius of Roy & HG. I’ve had to include two videos I love best. Enjoy!

There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand

8 Aug

Exciting news from the states yesterday – the latest season of Arrested Development, that zany and wonderful TV series started production. I cannot wait to see more from this franchise. Especially with new of a movie release as well. I definitely need more of the Bluth’s in my life. If you haven’t had the fortune to see this show before – get your hands on the first season and start watching. It only gets better with future watchers!

More news about the season production here.

Tune for Wednesday

8 Aug


7 Aug

Just home now from getting myself ready for the weekend. This involved a hair cut and my brows waxed and tinted. What a natural high it is to get oneself groomed. In itself the brow shape and tint is a wonderful thing. I always feel more confident after having that done.
Tonight I went along to my usual hair salon to have my cut done and my regular hairdresser was not available. I think she’s overseas at the moment. So in her place I was treated to a colleague. I have to say I’m in love. Not only is he quite wonderful with his lovely accent and carefully shaped facial hair, he is a brilliant cutter. I could tell he is a perfectionist and he spent alot of time getting my hair just right.
And the results:

Why hello eyebrows!

I was reconsidering my hair salon and hair dresser recently and was seriously considering a move, but the boy with the sculptured facial hair may have just won me over with his skills.

More Mid-week Cocktails

2 Aug

Another evening, another delicious bourbon inspired cocktail. This time a favourite of Don Draper, the main character of cool TV series Mad Men.

This one was super simple to make up, looks effective with a few slices of orange and some cherries and goes down a treat.

I used this recipe:


  • 1 sugar cube
  • 3 dashes Angostura bitters
  • club soda
  • 2 ounces rye whisky (or bourbon as I used Maker’s Mark)

Glass Type: old-fashioned glass


Place the sugar cube (or 1/2 teaspoon loose sugar) in an Old-Fashioned glass. Wet it down with 2 or 3 dashes of Angostura bitters and a short splash of water or club soda. Crush the sugar with a wooden muddler, chopstick, strong spoon, lipstick, cartridge case, whatever. Rotate the glass so that the sugar grains and bitters give it a lining. Add a large ice cube. Pour in the rye (or bourbon). Serve with a stirring rod.

Now you can drink like Don Draper too!

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Tune for Wednesday

1 Aug