Off to a good start…

4 Sep

So my working week has come to a close where most people are lamenting the middle of the week. I don’t feel bad though. I feel great in fact. I get to turn off my alarm for the next three days and wake up whenever I choose. The irony is I’m sure it will be close to my usual ‘wake-up’ time. But instead of readying myself in half an hour over the next three days for the trudging to work, I get to rise and ready myself in my own time. Joy.

Tonight my good friend S who accompanied me to the wonderful week and a bit of movie madness for the Spanish Film Festival picked me up tonight for the Israeli documentary freebie – Incessant Visions about the little-known architect and visionary Erich Mendelsohn, a German Jew. He drew sketches while in the trenches during World War I and sent them back to his sweetheart for her approval. The works he accomplished are so beautiful. S is much more architecturally switched on than me, and her knowledge helped her appreciation but I still found it wonderful. Especially seeing the journey they were forced to take – as they were forced to move on – Germany, England, Palestine, America. It touched us. So it’s been a great start to my five days of freedom. I love that we went to see a film that pushes the boundaries and teaches me something on a Tuesday night.


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