Gigs, Books, Drinks and Admissions

8 Sep

The week of relaxation continues. Thursday night was the Brand New Heavies gig at the Hifi in West End. My crew got to the venue very early indeed but the wait time wasn’t too tedious at all. In the end there was quite a few that joined us and we ended up with a really good position, dead centre, front row. I love that kind of nearness to the action. Although sometimes when you realise the musicians can see you clearly it can be a little gruelling to maintain eye contact.
I love that the band is just a bunch of people trying to make a living doing something they clearly love. They were having fun on stage, despite the issues they were having with sound. You could also see the exasperation on their faces as well. I still had a great time. Especially laughing with my friend S about the glam rock member of the band, Simon Bartholomew on guitar. He looked a little out of place but was clearly loving every moment of it, especially to show off his T-Rex moves and great 80s hair. We danced the whole night and got involved. It was a great night out.

Yesterday I got to the Writers Festival after some detours at about 11.30. The State Library was buzzing. You had to fight to get yourself through the swarms of people. I had a look through the bookshop – too much to tempt me there. Then I realised the line for my first session was already growing steadily – so I joined the queue. First up: As I Was Saying with Robert Dessaix. When I read my program back in July he immediately peaked my interest. A charming man, very humble writing about the ‘ordinary’ things in life is how he describes himself. I’m now eager to get my hands on some of his writing.
I ducked to West End in my break for Vietnamese soup and a beer which was a lovely interlude, and then back to the action. Lining up for Books to Box Office – a large panel discussion with publishers, an agent, screenwriters and producers. It was an intriguing discussion – particularly hearing the publishers pitch two books each to the producers. I was just about to leave that and go track down a coffee, but instead as we exited the room there we were presented with a table full of drinks and later free food. So I stuck around. In the line for Books to Box Office I got talking to the guy in front of me. He told me he had written and published a book and he was eager to talk to some of the producers about getting it on screen. Amongst other things he told me he had split from his first wife and after the pain had gone he realised he had been so stressed out that he was constipated and after the stress left him, he returned to normal. It’s not what I was expecting to hear. TMI buddy.

So today – I have two sessions I want to get along to: Why I Read What I Read as I’m always interested in hearing what inspires authors. And Welcome To Normal with Nick Earls. Nick is just so charismatic and funny I love to get along to anything he is involved with.
Tonight my brother and I are going to The Great Debate – Reading The Bible Is Good For You. I can’t wait to see Germaine Greer and Bob Katter on the same side of panel!


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