Brisbane Writers Festival – Day III

16 Sep

Sunday morning started quite early as a friend was up from Sydney and wanted to take me and two other friends out for breakfast in Southbank. We went to Piaf and although two of my friends agreed their meals were not very tasty, and our waitress was a little blunt, I enjoyed my meal. S and I had to quickly dash off to catch the first session of the Writers Festival. Sunday Morning Readings listening to three authors read from their latest books – Drusilla Modjeska, Patrick Gale and Chris Cleave. Drusilla began and she was really illegible – due to microphone issues – my friend S was ready to go up and adjust the mike for her.
Both Patrick and Chris were very witty – Chris had us laughing heartily with his Australian coaching character.
I said goodbye to S who was off to the bookshop and then later the teashop and home. I continued on to three more lectures. The favourite of them was the lecture by Robert Dessaix called The Time of Our Lives. He is so beautifully spoken. Also the final session called Manpower proved a treat – four men talking about being manly. Amongst them – William McInnes who appeared very gruff when I first got into the room, but proved to be charming, and beautifully spoken. Especially when he became emotional talking his wife who recently died due to cancer. I’ve had his book – A Man’s Got to have a Hobby on my shelf for a few years now. I must read it.

But my reading devotion has been captured or re-captured by Down To This by Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall. I found out about the book at one of the first Brisbane Writers Festivals I went to. I heard him briefly speak about living with the homeless of Toronto Canada in “Tent City” and that’s what the book is based on. His experiences, what led him to live in Tent City. It’s touching, and funny, and so sad at times too.
I’ve finished with that and I’m onto Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan. What are you reading?


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