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Tune for Wednesday/Tonight’s the night!

30 Jan

Elvis Costello tonight!!!! This is probably still my favourite of his songs.

Welcome to the working week…

29 Jan

My working week consists of one day this week. Sorry. But I’m excited. Tomorrow I travel to Sydney with my good friend and next-door neighbour, S. Cannot wait! Then that evening – Elvis Costello!!!! I’m so ridiculously excited.


28 Jan

Remember this from two years ago? Guess what? We’re back into the territory of non-stop Breakfast Television coverage over the state of Queensland as the state is doing it all over again. It is different this time. The source of so much rain is being caused by a Cyclone from the ┬ánorth of the state. We’ve been experiencing days of constant rain and as of yesterday and today, intense winds. It’s so gusty out there still. In two days S and I are heading to Sydney, so today I’m trying to get myself organised, and get clothes washed and attempt to get the clothes dry in time for our holiday!

Flood 2013

In the spirit of the weather, this clip from one of my favourite movies – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid:

Veronica – Elvis Costello

28 Jan

Classic Film Friday

25 Jan

Tune for Wednesday

23 Jan

A very special tune for Wednesday – only one week til I see Elvis Costello in Sydney!!!

Classic Film Friday

18 Jan