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Tune for Wednesday

27 Feb

Happy Oscars Day!

25 Feb

Welcome to Oscars night of nights for 2013. People are once again commenting in the media about the publics withdrawal from Oscars appreciation, but not for me! My workplace is certainly not brimming with enthusiasm, but I still can’t wait to get home tonight to watch in full the production from start to finish. Are you excited?

My predictions:

Best Picture: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence “Silver Linings Playbook”

Best Actor: Hugh Jackman “Les Miserables”

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway “Les Miserables”

Best Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones “Lincoln”

Oscar statue

Tune for Wednesday

20 Feb

Classic Film Friday

15 Feb

Everyday I Write The Book

8 Feb

Welcome back! It’s been a little while. Sorry – downtime in Sydney. Which was absolutely loverly! And it has caused me to need some downtime in Brisbane. That’s the offset of holidays. Needing time to recuperate.

Sydney was swell. Last Wednesday started off extremely early for S and I, as our lift to the airport had to cancel last minute (and when I say last minute, I received her message at 3.24am!) and so we dashed to the airport earlier than expected with S’ husband. All the early morning rush was forgiven when we got on the plane, exhaled and waited for the descent.
Sydney was grey, cool and muggy. We were just relieved to find it cooler and less rainy than Brisbane. Yay.
We met up with M and the fun began! Wednesday we headed to the city after a refreshing cup of tea. Chinatown was the first goal for a big bowl of this:

Pork and wonton soup
YUM! Taste explosion! Especially coupled with extra chilli and Asian vinegar. Then onto getting brows sorted out at the Brow Bar in Myer. Gotta look good for Elvis!

Elvis Costello in lights

After a much needed  break at a cute bar near the venue, M and I made our way to the venue. Giddy with excitement we took photos of our excitement faces against the art deco glass doors, and made our way to our seats. What a great night! Elvis and band were fantastic. They played many of my favourites including Radio Radio, Alison, Indoor Fireworks, Pump it Up. And he ended with a devastating and beautiful version of She. The song that made me first fall in love with him. I’ve only heard it once before live and I think this version with just Elvis with his microphone, and Steve Nieve on keys was the most touching. I’m so glad I got to catch the Theatre show on this tour of Australia. It corresponded perfectly with my Sunday back in Brisbane at Sirromet Wines – the casual setting, the deck chair, and the ability to get up and dance. I loved both shows. Maybe the Wednesday Theatre show was a little more special. M and I have been fans of EC for ages and it was a thrill to go together, and to look across in the darkened theatre to my friend and find her smiling equally as big!

The rest of my time in Sydney consisted of lots of walking, iconic landmarks, shopping, eating, tea drinking, you know ultimate holiday-making. As always I am floored by everything that Sydney has to offer. There is just so much. And the weather dampened some of the sight-seeing we anticipated but it was more than made up with awesome food and tea! The fresh chai and the oolong were amazing!

Opera House
It took a number of days to get over the intense-ness of Sydney. What a visit – thanks M and S! I had a ball. Back into life and routine…