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Tune for Wednesday

8 May


6 May

I caught a whiff of Hubba-Bubba strawberry flavoured gum on my trip to work this morning. It instantly brought back a child-hood memory.

We used to make trips from our home in Southern Western Australia to Perth at least three times in a year, a five hour journey. Before each trip my brother, Andrew, and I were allowed $2 a piece to buy lollies for the journey. There was a really good lolly shop in town at the top of the hill. I can remember a good fifteen minutes spent there deliberating over my choices. The $2 was precious so what to pick came with trepidation. Cobbers were a favourite – a generic toffee and chocolate sweet. I also loved Sherbert Fountains. But I always made sure I kept enough money for Hubba-Bubba gum in strawberry or grape.

My brother and I would stuff up to five pieces of the gum in our mouths and have bubble blowing competitions. I remember one time the bubble growing larger and larger until POP! it landed on my face, well over my nose. I was damn proud of that.

Isn’t it amazing when a smell can bring back a memory in an instant?

Tune for Wednesday

1 May