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Grand Gestures at the Jazz Club

20 Jun

Last Thursday night I went along to the Brisbane Jazz Club with my brother and my good friend and neighbour. We were there to see Chris Poulsen Trio delight us with their energetic and passionate play. I’ve only ever heard their brand of jazz on CD purchased by my brother and I’ve always really wanted to see them live.

I secured us a table at the Jazz Club in the front row within spitting distance of instruments and musicians.
It was a really fantastic night, glass of red wine in hand I was glued to the jazz fusion, the amazingly proficient musicians and the way they were immersed in the music they were creating. It was a coolish evening so it was nice to be inside tapping my toe to the music. I know this sound a little naff but I finally got what one of my musical wizard friend L means when he says – “it’s all about the notes they don’t play!”

My friend S proclaimed it “elevator music” but as my brother added – ‘show me that elevator, I’ll take that ride!’

We got the added bonus of a serenade and a proposal as well. The band introduced the song and asked for a volunteer vocalist. The groom-to-be was ‘encouraged’ by his friends and eventually sung “I can’t help falling in love with you”, then ushered his girlfriend to the stage and got down on one knee with a little box in hand. His girlfriend looked suitably shocked and delighted and eventually said YES when she had calmed down.

Now that is how I want my proposal to go. Perfect setting, all their friends were with them.

More details about the fantastic Chris Poulsen Trio can be found here, go buy their album it’s brilliant!

Jazz Club Proposal