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Classic Film Friday

27 Sep

Tune for Wednesday

25 Sep

Classic Film Friday

20 Sep

Tune for Wednesday

18 Sep

This song is so appropriate for the wonderful weather that Queensland has been experiencing lately! It’s so fun! It might be a little early, but…er…hello summer?!

Inspirational Festival life…

12 Sep

As you may be well aware Brisbane Writers Festival was on last weekend. It’s become a pretty obsessive habit of mine to pounce on the program once it’s released in July and mark down all the sessions that take my fancy. I was pretty excited when I saw the authors and topics on offer. My highlights included:

Richard Fidler’s coversation with Marvel Comics writers. Husband and Wife duo – Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue De Connick. I’m not a comic book reader these days but they were so fun and feisty and witty. I now want to be one.

Matthew Condon’s booked Three Crooked Kings sounds fascinating! Definitely going on the to-read list. This book covers the 50s and part of the 60s history of the corrupt cops in Queensland.

Matthew Reilly being interviewed by John Birmingham, which at times was Matt interviewing John. I now want to read the Scarecrow series. I liked his quote of: A picture paints a thousand words, and a thousand words is about three pages. On how he achieves the speed of his writing so well. I’ve only ever read one of his books, but I think I need some fast-paced action in my life.

The Pemberley Inheritance was really excellent. They talked of Lizzie and Darcy’s love life, their ideas of what marriage for Bingley and Jane, and Mr Collins and Charlotte would have been like!!

The end of Sunday and the end of the festival for me was marked with the session:  “Tell me what to read” – I have HEAPS of ideas for great books to add to my list!

As all of the sessions go, I was inspired into all different areas over the weekend. From comic books, to non-fiction, back to classical literature. My reading list is HUGE!!

What a great weekend. Is it too soon to start dreaming about BWF 2014???