Just Think More

3 Jan

I hate New Years Resolutions. But if I am being honest with myself and you, dear reader, I hate not keeping them more. So that’s why I stopped making them. But I stumbled across this pic this morning from one of my favourite Blogs – the newly re-named The Clueless Girl’s Guide:

Think More
I like this. I have the tendancy to gulp down books. I feel panicky when I don’t have a book with me. I can easily have a couple of reads on the go at the one time. But ask me about the final chapter of the last book I read (NW by Zadie Smith for the record) and I can barely even recall the characters.

So this year I want to read and savour it. Read a page and think about it. Write down sentences that I enjoy. Tell a friend what I think. Write a review of it. I may not be succeeding in reading 100 books this year but I hope to have a few more memorable reading moments because of it.

How do you read?


2 Responses to “Just Think More”

  1. Jones January 3, 2014 at 2:31 pm #

    I tend to have a couple of books going at once, but one I’m really into.

    I’m not into New Years resolutions either. Its more “continual resolutions”!

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