Listen Closely

4 Jan

I was listening to a very excellent Podcast by the team at NPR – All Songs Considered today. It was the teams discussion of music in 2013, a run down or brief highlights of the year. One of the hosts, Robin Hilton set himself the goal for 2013 of listening to lyrics more closely. That caught my ear. I like that. I often like the sound the voices make, and I used to pride myself on being all about the lyrics, but to really get the message of a song you need to take time to listen and I fear I do that only with albums I have been acquainted with for years. The other goal that Robyn had was to linger with an album a bit longer. Another area in my life that I need to take heed of. I tend to listen to a lot of my music while reading books so the music is merely ‘dinner-music’ for my reading if you will.

So another un-resolution that I want to embrace for 2014 is to gain appreciation and gain more knowledge of the music I listen to. Take time out to listen to an album from start to finish without distractions. So where shall I begin? And how should this be accomplished? Darkened room, candle-light, eyes closed, air con on.

The two albums that I have been listening to over and over again at the moment have been Vampire Weekend’s Modern Vampires of the City, and Okkervil River’s The Silver Gymnasium. The kind of albums I can put on repeat for hours. What did you enjoy from 2013?

The Silver Gymnasium


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