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Ear worm

25 Feb

Already listened to this song twice just now. Absolutely in love.

The Circle

3 Feb

Over a 24-hour period last weekend I was without my phone. Completely without it. And it was wonderful.

Of course it posed numerous issues along with the delight of being without it too.

Let’s talk cons first.
I could see the messages coming through but I had no idea who they were from or what they contained. That was frustrating. I had a few plans with people and I didn’t know if they had contacted me to change things or confirm things or not. I don’t wear a watch so I didn’t know the time if I was out of the house and away from people. Hard when you’re trying to read a bus timetable. I couldn’t check me email on the go (or Instagram for that matter – one app I’m definitely addicted to). I use the online music streaming app Mog and I hated riding the bus without tunes. I did not enjoy having to overhear the conversations going on around me.

Let’s talk pros.
I didn’t realise how addicted I was to my Iphone until it was worthless. I couldn’t sit down and watch some TV or read a book without having to check it every twenty minutes or more frequently for updates or to google some nonsensical thing as I like to do. So I sincerely loved having no distractions when I was watching a movie. As stated above I didn’t like being without music in my ears on the bus, but as soon as I got off the bus and I was on the walking trail on my way home it was actually really nice to walk through the park-lands without music. I felt connected to the world around me. Yes that sounds dorky but it’s the truth. I liked not feeling disconnected from what was happening around me. I could hear people walking or running up behind me, hear the traffic, hear the birds. Usually I walk as far as I can home, using songs as markers as to how much longer it will be. This way I just enjoyed it. What a way to unwind. Plus I just wasn’t distracted by messages and stupid social media.

Let’s introduce The Circle by Dave Eggers,this fabulous book that so many ‘famous’ people have been recommending lately. The irony does not go unnoticed that I found out about the book by a certain author’s Instagram feed! What a book! Terrifying and interesting and so damn scary that it really could become like this – does connectivity lead to increased and lessened crime or does it just make things an awful place to live in. Read this and be the judge. It was simply written but fascinating.

The circle