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Dear Vegans, Thank you!

19 May

I feel the need to write on a topic that has increasingly been on my mind. Several people I used to love to listen to on the radio – Lindsay “The Doctor” McDougall and Marieke Hardy are both vegans. When they were hosting the breakfast show on JJJ they used to speak often about their vegan ways, including the fact that Marieke began her vegan journey because of her friendship with Lindsay. I recall them talking of bringing vegan cupcakes into the workplace for one another. I’m sorry – but the thought of anything tasty and sweet and vegan would make me cringe. How can something devoid of dairy or eggs be as wonderful as they raved?

Since then I have been overcome with the gorgeous treats of Raw & Peace a wonderful stall at Brisbane’s wonderful Northey Street Organic markets. Every Sunday without fail my brother and my friend S all make sure we don’t miss out on our weekly amazing treat from her stall. She makes our mouth water a night ahead of the Sunday markets – a sample of the wonders we’ve had: Vanilla Slice, Custard Tarts, Black Forest cake cheesecake and yesterday – Choc Caramel Tart! I just had a mouthful left over from yesterday so after my lunch I savoured each small spoonful.
Each Sunday the three of us can be found gushing over Ames and trying to decide which treat will be making its way home with us. Or not, as the case may be. Sometimes we just hurl our raw vegan delicious tidbit onto a plate and gobble it up.

Since discovering the wonders of vegan sweets I’ve come into contact with a few vegan peeps and I have developed an appreciation for them They have such a zeal for food and adapting common dishes to suit them. I don’t get the feeling that they are missing out – they are so imaginative and are constantly seeking fresh good clean food. Trawling through vegan blogs I find so many ideas I want to try.

Now now, it doesn’t mean I permanantly want to put down the t-bone steak and pick up the tofu, but I do have a whole lot of respect for these vegans now and their ways with food. And I admire so much the wonders they do with sweeties. Bring on the raw treats!

This article about Marieke’s veganism is fantastic!