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Grand Gestures at the Jazz Club

20 Jun

Last Thursday night I went along to the Brisbane Jazz Club with my brother and my good friend and neighbour. We were there to see Chris Poulsen Trio delight us with their energetic and passionate play. I’ve only ever heard their brand of jazz on CD purchased by my brother and I’ve always really wanted to see them live.

I secured us a table at the Jazz Club in the front row within spitting distance of instruments and musicians.
It was a really fantastic night, glass of red wine in hand I was glued to the jazz fusion, the amazingly proficient musicians and the way they were immersed in the music they were creating. It was a coolish evening so it was nice to be inside tapping my toe to the music. I know this sound a little naff but I finally got what one of my musical wizard friend L means when he says – “it’s all about the notes they don’t play!”

My friend S proclaimed it “elevator music” but as my brother added – ‘show me that elevator, I’ll take that ride!’

We got the added bonus of a serenade and a proposal as well. The band introduced the song and asked for a volunteer vocalist. The groom-to-be was ‘encouraged’ by his friends and eventually sung “I can’t help falling in love with you”, then ushered his girlfriend to the stage and got down on one knee with a little box in hand. His girlfriend looked suitably shocked and delighted and eventually said YES when she had calmed down.

Now that is how I want my proposal to go. Perfect setting, all their friends were with them.

More details about the fantastic Chris Poulsen Trio can be found here, go buy their album it’s brilliant!

Jazz Club Proposal

Everyday I Write The Book

8 Feb

Welcome back! It’s been a little while. Sorry – downtime in Sydney. Which was absolutely loverly! And it has caused me to need some downtime in Brisbane. That’s the offset of holidays. Needing time to recuperate.

Sydney was swell. Last Wednesday started off extremely early for S and I, as our lift to the airport had to cancel last minute (and when I say last minute, I received her message at 3.24am!) and so we dashed to the airport earlier than expected with S’ husband. All the early morning rush was forgiven when we got on the plane, exhaled and waited for the descent.
Sydney was grey, cool and muggy. We were just relieved to find it cooler and less rainy than Brisbane. Yay.
We met up with M and the fun began! Wednesday we headed to the city after a refreshing cup of tea. Chinatown was the first goal for a big bowl of this:

Pork and wonton soup
YUM! Taste explosion! Especially coupled with extra chilli and Asian vinegar. Then onto getting brows sorted out at the Brow Bar in Myer. Gotta look good for Elvis!

Elvis Costello in lights

After a much needed  break at a cute bar near the venue, M and I made our way to the venue. Giddy with excitement we took photos of our excitement faces against the art deco glass doors, and made our way to our seats. What a great night! Elvis and band were fantastic. They played many of my favourites including Radio Radio, Alison, Indoor Fireworks, Pump it Up. And he ended with a devastating and beautiful version of She. The song that made me first fall in love with him. I’ve only heard it once before live and I think this version with just Elvis with his microphone, and Steve Nieve on keys was the most touching. I’m so glad I got to catch the Theatre show on this tour of Australia. It corresponded perfectly with my Sunday back in Brisbane at Sirromet Wines – the casual setting, the deck chair, and the ability to get up and dance. I loved both shows. Maybe the Wednesday Theatre show was a little more special. M and I have been fans of EC for ages and it was a thrill to go together, and to look across in the darkened theatre to my friend and find her smiling equally as big!

The rest of my time in Sydney consisted of lots of walking, iconic landmarks, shopping, eating, tea drinking, you know ultimate holiday-making. As always I am floored by everything that Sydney has to offer. There is just so much. And the weather dampened some of the sight-seeing we anticipated but it was more than made up with awesome food and tea! The fresh chai and the oolong were amazing!

Opera House
It took a number of days to get over the intense-ness of Sydney. What a visit – thanks M and S! I had a ball. Back into life and routine…

Tune for Wednesday/Tonight’s the night!

30 Jan

Elvis Costello tonight!!!! This is probably still my favourite of his songs.

Welcome to the working week…

29 Jan

My working week consists of one day this week. Sorry. But I’m excited. Tomorrow I travel to Sydney with my good friend and next-door neighbour, S. Cannot wait! Then that evening – Elvis Costello!!!! I’m so ridiculously excited.


28 Jan

Remember this from two years ago? Guess what? We’re back into the territory of non-stop Breakfast Television coverage over the state of Queensland as the state is doing it all over again. It is different this time. The source of so much rain is being caused by a Cyclone from the  north of the state. We’ve been experiencing days of constant rain and as of yesterday and today, intense winds. It’s so gusty out there still. In two days S and I are heading to Sydney, so today I’m trying to get myself organised, and get clothes washed and attempt to get the clothes dry in time for our holiday!

Flood 2013

In the spirit of the weather, this clip from one of my favourite movies – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid:

Wagyu burgers, city views and Morrissey

20 Dec

What a whirlwind the weekend was – travelling travelling travelling, saying farewells, icky farewells. I hate airport goodbyes. Sure the hellos there are wonderful and loud and so full of expectation, but the goodbyes just drag. When it comes to saying goodbye to friends and family at airports I wish I could be cryogenically stored and just pass through the whole procedure without consciousness. Ugh. Anyway Monday was a strange day of being back at work and back into routine. Generally you get back into routine far too quickly and the holiday is just a blur and a dozen awesome memories. But Monday turned out to be better than expected. Back to work, fairly cruisey, new office, lots of welcome backs and then the anticipation of the concert in the evening.

I caught up with a friend before the concert down at Southbank at the Stokehouse. Was nice too. Relaxed, city views, warm temperatures, cool drinks, great burgers and chips. Delicious. Although they forgot our order and I started to stress about getting to the venue in time. So we scoffed the burgers. Mmmmm big steak burgers before a Morrissey gig? Irony?

N didn’t have a ticket yet, but whilst in line to buy one he got stopped by a scalper and offered a ticket for less than half price. Score! It was in GA however so we bid farewell and I caught up with the girls in my seated section. I was pretty glad to be hob-nobbing it with the more mature guests in the seats, but once Morrissey arrived on stage I was having second thoughts. I would have liked to have been closer to that man! During the performance I fell in love with him. Seriously that voice. It’s perfect. His demeanour on stage is so elegant. The way he flicks the microphone lead, and his sudden movements, the arch of his back, it’s all so fluid. But mainly it was his diction, and the poetry of his words. I could understand everything he sang. I love that. Highlights included – “You’re the one for me, Fatty”, “Everyday is like Sunday”, “How Soon is Now?”. And then out of nowhere it seemed, while he was inspecting a donation from the audience he launched into “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want”. Oh Morrissey, I swooned.

Towards the end of his set he reached out and pulled a few people onto the stage to cuddle him. The security staff – both on stage and on the ground were incredibly quick to grab them after they had their second with Morrissey and practically threw them off the stage! It was pretty hilarious to watch.

My friend S told about a friends wedding she went to years ago in Spain where the Groom sang the Bride “You’re The One for Me, Fatty”. Brilliant! Most of the family were only Spanish speakers so didn’t get it, luckily.

Conclusion: I’m so glad I went. I was umming and ahhing over my decision for some time but I loved every second of it (maybe not the animal cruelty video that was played during “Meat is Murder”, yes I eat meat, no I hate animal cruelty) and wished he would keep on singing all night long! Note to Morrissey: please keep your shirt on! You’re not 25 anymore.

Morrissey and band

For more on the excellent gig take a look at this review.

Monday Night!!!

16 Dec

I’m just back from WA and preparing myself for getting back into routine once more. 😦 Oh but it must be done. More on WA later. But firstly, tomorrow night is Morrissey at the Convention Centre with three lovely friends. Unpredictable, depressive, wonderful Morrissey. I wonder how it will all go down?


20 Nov

I have been back from Sydney now for a few days, biding my time, with a couple of extra days off work to unpack, wash, sleep, shop, and get myself back into a semblance of good sensible eating once more. The next two weeks are going to be incredibly busy with a chunk of movies to see as part of the Brisbane International Film Festival, work, two day conference this weekend, end of year work event and then packing up for my holidays early December.

Sydney was exceptional. My friend M and I have been seeing each other a lot more this year then years gone by now that she is back in the country. The trip between Sydney and Brisbane is so easy at just over an hours flight time. Pretty soon you’ve left blustery and rainy, grey Brisbane behind and you’re in cloudy Sydney. Haha. The rest of the weekend the weather was gorgeous. Bright blue skies, with a fresh breeze. M and I got plenty of things done too – breakfast, walks, shopping, Bondi, markets, beach, city, fishmarkets, Chinatown, more walking, amazing Mexican food, beers and of course RADIOHEAD!

I was the kind of distance from the front that you can fool yourself into thinking that you just shared a moment with Thom. About six people from the front of the barrier. The support act were Connan Mockasin, a  psychedelic pop outfit from NZ. They were tolerable and provided amusement in their half hour set.  But I was pretty happy to see them finally walk off stage. Another half hour wait and then – the band emerged including Thom directly in front of me. He was so close I could see him and his facial expressions. I could see that he was enjoying himself. I could see his hypnotic and chaotic dance moves. Mostly I couldn’t quite fathom how close I was to the greatest* band in the world! They played a large number of tunes from their last two albums, but I didn’t really care what they played as they were relentless and wonderful. One song would finish with the wonderful light show and the amazing video screens fading to black. And then the next song merely seconds later would follow. It was a tremendous evening of sound and colour and musicians that are all over their craft. I enjoyed every moment. After their two encores I secretly hoped they’d be back, but with the fabulous Idioteque they ended their evening and walked off stage for the final time. It’s a night that will live in my memory for a good while. I didn’t take many photos as the air in front of me was taken up with countless arms and Iphone screens. I just wanted to forget about the electronic forms and make my own memories. Unforgettable!

Just to top off the end of such a great evening we wandered through Chinatown and spied bowls of noodles – so we dashed into a Chinese restaurant, no Westerners in sight (Yay!) and ordered the House Special Sichuan Dan Dan Noodle which was so flavoursome we gulped at it. A perfect end to a perfect evening!

* We have discussed the “greatest” band of all time. The jury is still out. I don’t think the greatest can be named. Nor should it. But it was brilliant! That’s for sure.

Excitement building!

9 Nov

I’m posting this song tonight as tomorrow morning I am flying off to Sydney for the weekend. Two main reasons – 1. to visit with my good friend M and her husband D. 2. Radiohead. I managed to secure a ticket for M for Monday night as well. I’m even more excited about the concert. Oh to share it with a friend.

I’ll catch you on the otherside of this weekend with my tales!

Sunday gig

15 Oct

Friday night I got a pleasant phone call from friend S asking if I’d like to go along with her to see Gomez on Sunday night. A friend of hers had bought two tickets but was really ill with tonsilitis. I decided I could happily take a half-price ticket. Last night we got to the wonderful Tivoli close to 9 to an almost packed house. I was expecting an older crowd. Mostly late 30s, early 40s, but there was a nice mix of old and new fans. I was surrounded by dedicated lovers of Gomez. We found ourselves near the front, our right ear intimately close to the big amp stack. They thrilled us with their tunes. I have a couple of their albums but it’s been years since I listened to them. But they felt familiar and they were so polished and tight – they were a band in control. As my friend S described it, you could feel confident and relax knowing that on stage were musicians that knew what they were doing. A fantastic night of great tunes. They packed so much into the two hours they played for. No sooner were they finished one song were they unstrapping guitars, swapping over instruments and moving onto something new anxious to give the crowd exactly what they wanted.

Unfortunately I heard today that this could be there last tour in Australia for some time. I believe they are entering an indeterminable hiatus.